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We believe that people with any form of disability or mental health problem are equal within our society. Throughout our work we strive to make this a reality.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • This is about Me: Self Advocacy.

    Training Course | Cloverleaf Advocacy

    Cloverleaf Advocacy

    Self-advocacy is concerned with learning to speak up for yourself in order to have your needs met. This course provides learners with the necessary skills and confidence to represent yourself more successfully and to manage your communication with others appropriately.

  • Active Listening for Professionals (and others).

    Training Course | Cloverleaf Advocacy

    Cloverleaf Advocacy

    Active Listening skills are an important aspect of management; both of interpersonal and intrapersonal situations. They are essential within mediation; conflict management and increasingly within support offered to those with mental health issues. Essentially; wherever there is a relationship; there is a need for Active Listening skills. This course is highly interactive and participatory; and equip you to listen more effectively and work from a strong; ethical basis; with a real commitment to the well-being of the individual. Delivered by experienced practitioners; it is aimed at those who engage with others in a professional capacity but is equally relevant to individuals wishing to enhance their own interpersonal skills.

  • An Introduction to Independent Advocacy

    Webinar | Cloverleaf Advocacy

    Cloverleaf Advocacy

    This training has been developed in line with the City & Guilds qualification Introduction to Independent Advocacy Level 2 award It is suitable for anyone who has an interest in advocacy and wishes to learn more; individuals beginning a career in independent advocacy service users or those seeking to enhance their personal and professional development Advocacy is a skill with a theoretical base values and principles and can also be placed within a legal framework This course provides a sound knowledge base and encourages the learner to explore their own value system whilst aiming to work in a person centred context.

  • Supporting an individual during end of life; grief and beyond.

    Training Course | Cloverleaf Advocacy

    Cloverleaf Advocacy

    The official title includes the words; ‘supporting the ‘uncomfortable problem’; a direct quotation taken from a friend and colleague who found herself to be exactly that. This training is for anyone who wishes to gain a greater understanding of views of death and the process of grief from largely a Western world view but also encompassing cultural diversity. It distinguishes between Palliative care and End of Life care and explores Models of Grief and individual responses to grief. The course would be useful to those working within the Health and Social Care sector; middle managers who have responsibility for a team and those struggling with their own existential questions! It is participatory in nature and will ask learners to examine their own thoughts about death and loss; encouraging a sharing ethos to training.

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