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Organisation Description

E-training Hub is an award winning online education website. We offer professional training for improving your job prospects or sharpening your professional skills. Ours is a platform designed to have the best of all available online training experience with none of the drawbacks. E-training Hub offers courses tailored to ambitious and individuals who are eager to learn and get ahead in their careers.

E-training Hub has fully interactive courses that ensure maximum efficiency of learning and make even the most tedious subjects interesting and easy to learn and master for beginners. Whether you are a new comer or a professional looking to brush up on long forgotten basics, we have a course tailored to every possible scenario.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Teaching Assistant; Dyslexia Support and Behaviour Management Level 3

    Online Course | E-training Hub

    Our teaching assistant course is an in-depth guide to shaping the core competencies and building foundation of the learning the support teachers and school teaching program.

  • Book Keeping essentials training

    Online Course | E-training Hub

    The course focuses on teaching students the fundamentals of book Keeping starting from the basics and upon completion of the course; students will be able to carry out book Keeping for different types of business organisations using the correct procedure.

  • Microsoft Excel essentials training

    Online Course | E-training Hub

    The Essential Excel training part of the course focuses on teaching students all the basics of operating Microsoft Excel.

  • Introduction To Payroll Management

    Online Course | E-training Hub

    This course suits people who are completely new in payroll or wish to refresh their knowledge in areas such as national insurance contributions and PAYE; Starters and leavers; statutory payments; pension; both manual understanding and introduction to RTI reporting.