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Organisation Description

Electro-Comm (Electro-Comm Digital Services Limited) – is a one-stop destination for IT support and IT services. Established in 2002, our business specialises in solutions that range from IT Consultancy to Telephony, Connectivity, Backup, Cloud and Cyber Security solutions. Our IT engineers thrive on rolling up their sleeves and solving your IT problems and meeting your business needs.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Cyber Workshop

    Workshop | Electro-Comm Digital Services Ltd

    Electro-Comm Digital Services Ltd

    This is a workshop to let employees know what kind of information they need to protect in the business they work for. The workshop then goes through ways in which they can protect this data and shows the employees what kind of things can happen with emails; passwords and applications if the data is not protected enough. We use the tag line of protect your business from within as we view the workshop as an education to employees to help protect their business from cyber threats.

  • Brief Introduction to Microsoft Teams

    Training Course | Electro-Comm Digital Services Ltd

    Electro-Comm Digital Services Ltd

    An overview on how to use Microsoft Teams. This gives new users the ability to navigate around Teams and use it to collaborate with colleagues.

Electro-Comm Digital Services Ltd
35 Greenbox, Westonhall Road, Stoke Prior
B60 4AL

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