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Organisation Description

We are experts in delivering specialist professional training of the highest quality to the public private and third sectors. We use leading academics and experts to teach the latest developments in their fields of analytical expertise.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Advanced Macroeconomics

    Training Course | EML Learning Ltd

    This 5 day course will make participants aware of the intellectual developments that have shaped current macroeconomic policy. It reviews both the recent theoretical and empirical literature and considers the agenda likely to influence policy makers in years to come.

  • Econometrics For Decision Support In Policymaking

    Training Course | EML Learning Ltd

    This 2 day course considers a range of micro econometric evaluation techniques that are used to gauge policy impacts. Detailed consideration is given to approaches such as difference-in-differences, matching methods, regression discontinuity and instrumental methods; following a brief recap on standard ols.

  • Economic Growth

    Training Course | EML Learning Ltd

    This 2 day course presents an overview of the theory of economic growth, at masters level. The main theories are introduced in as intuitive a way as possible, to pinpoint as rigorously as possible which ones withstand empirical scrutiny and why.

  • Communicating Specialist Information to non-specialists

    Training Course | EML Learning Ltd

    This very practical 2 day course is designed to help Specialists to communicate technical; complex; detailed; abstract information simply; precisely and briefly to others (whether Managers; other colleagues or the public). It covers oral and written communication and teaches how to write quickly and effectively for readers who are not Specialists and have precious little time in which to grasp often complex ideas.