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Organisation Description

At Eurekadoc we are passionate about diverse medical careers. More importantly, we inspire, educate and support doctors to design careers that they love and to be happy and fulfilled personally and professionally. Our high quality CPD courses range from a mini-MBA in healthcare, to how to use your medical experience in consulting, to public speaking & presentation skills. We also hold a vibrant annual careers conference where you can discover new niche careers and network with like-minded individuals too.

Explore our courses, career guides and workshops and learn from medics who have transitioned to the top of their game. Eurekadoc: Bulletproof your career. Become the best verison of yourself.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Management Consulting for Medics

    Workshop | Eurekadoc

    This is a 1-day accelerator course to help medics get up to speed on the world of management consulting; types of jobs available for medics; projects worked on; recruitment process and how to prepare and succeed.

  • Medicine: Stay; Go or Diversify?

    Workshop | Eurekadoc

    This training is organised around a series of talks from inspirational and knowledgeable speakers from a variety of cinical and non-clinical medical careers as well as those who have forged alternative career paths.

  • Public Speaking Masterclass

    Workshop | Eurekadoc

    Public Speaking Masterclass To learn how to deliver an engaging speech; talk or presentation and be able to practise and make progress within a safe environment.