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Organisation Description

EUROPEAN WELLNES is a holistic wellness and rejuvenation concept based on the knowledge and effectiveness of Swiss Biological Medicine and bio-molecular therapy. EWC International has identified key markets worldwide where demand is evident for a EUROPEAN WELLNESS CENTER and the benefits of biological medicine. EWC International welcomes expressions of interest from suitably qualified and experienced practitioners, and their clinics, in all markets and will provide a no obligation assessment on the suitability of the license model in respective markets.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Wellness Industry Staff and Customer Service Quality Development

    Training Course | European Wellness Academy

    European Wellness Academy

    This course is a comprehensive 4 Module content delivered to meet the ever evolving industry which emphasises staff development who need to understand the industry they are in; recognise their personal goals and align them to the industry and employer goals; embrace the qualities needed to serve the customer best and to identify personal strengths to contribute to the industry at different levels. A core set of modules gathered to help the delegate in exploratory professional development; steering them towards their personal Life Long Learning.

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