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Organisation Description

The purpose of their work is to support and empower individuals to have a better quality of life through a variety of health and wellbeing projects across the UK.

Teaching communities and individuals to learn various life skills via their How to be a Smart Food Shopper and How to be Employable courses.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • How to be Employable

    Workshop | Feed Me Good CIC

    Feed Me Good CIC

    Employability workshop is aimed for those who are struggling to seek employment. This workshop provides a PowerPoint presentation covering ways to job search; how a CV should be formatted; How to write a good cover letter; prepare for an interview; what to expect from an interview etc. Candidates will be required to do some one to one work; group work and have group discussion. Along with an opportunity to have a questions and answers session. All candidates are encouraged to bring their CV along to see how theirs can be improved.

Feed Me Good CIC
72B Charlton Road
NW10 4BA

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