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Organisation Description

We rapidly instil essential business skills and behaviours needed to become a valued team player, enabling managers to delegate and trust early starters quicker. If you employ graduates, apprentices and students each year, send your early starters to Flying Start XP and we will train them for you with other corporate students. We can supply you with Flying Start XP graduates, they know how to make a difference and can be proactive from day one.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Employability Course: Foundation

    Workshop | Flying Start XP

    Both businesses and academic institutions are looking for people who show potential; fit their culture and who will add value. To stand out; students need to know about the organisation; which skills and behaviours are applicable to the specific roles of academic courses and have the confidence and self-awareness to provide examples and evidence of when they have demonstrated those skills and be able to make a positive impact overall at interview.

  • Employability Course: Foundation; Interviewing and Key Skills

    Workshop | Flying Start XP

    Flying Start XP’s Employability Course: Foundation; Interviewing and Key Skills programme brings to life how the teaching of soft skills for Year 12 will enhance the understanding of business; enhance life skills and provide a better understanding of oneself.

  • Accelerate Bootcamp

    Workshop | Flying Start XP

    The course that jump starts your career. Master the core skills and behaviours you need to launch your career in one week. Become confident; become indispensable; become in demand whatever career you choose. Save yourself a year of trial and error and accelerate your career now! For those wanting to progress fast in a successful career.

  • Interviewing with Impact

    Workshop | Flying Start XP

    This fun and experiential workshop is designed to allow Year 12 and 13 students to step confidently into their next interview; whether that is for an academic course or a job opportunity. It is a chance for them to learn and practice effective interview preparation tools and techniques in a safe environment.