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Organisation Description

G-SMATT produces G-GLASS, G_TAINER and G-FRAME products that allow rich media display through a transparent glass media. G-GLASS is a construction grade architectural glass that is media enabled by the embedding of LEDs. It allows rich media to be played across the surface of the glass but the glass still retains almost complete transparency for anyone looking through it.

G-TAINER is an events solution. It consists of a transportation container sized frame that uses G-GLASS sides allowing for rich media to be played across the surface of the container. The containers can be combined to deliver complex structures for events.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Smart Glass Solutions for Media Facades

    Seminar | G-SMATT Europe Media

    G-SMATT Europe Media

    Highly innovative media façade technology of including LED units within a laminate that can be used as a construction grade façade element. G-Smatt glass screens are completely integrated in the envelope of the building and offer all the design opportunities for the architect and developers with artistic media or delivering information to society as a smart city initiative.