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IndigoVision is a developer of complete, end-to-end video security solutions from security camera to video recorder to body worn video cameras to security management software, so performance and stability go hand-in-hand. And you are future-proofed: the IndigoVision video security cameras you buy today we will still support in 10 years time. Our solution’s unique Distributed Network Architecture removes the need for a central server – so no single point of failure, greater resilience and no network bottlenecks. Our video security system is end-to-end, with all the reliability and compatibility benefits of a closed system, but it’s also open. IndigoVision’s Control Center security management software is a fully integrated user interface for managing Video, Access Control, Perimeter Detection, Alarms – pretty much anything.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Surveillance systems network integrity in a cyber world.

    Seminar | IndigoVision


    With the increasing threat of cyber-attacks and migration of surveillance systems to IP; this module covers all aspects of network design from basic to more advanced covering cyber detection and defence as well as network topology.

  • Network Scalability

    Training Course | IndigoVision


    This course discusses scalability problems, which can arise as a result of data bottlenecks in each of these five system areas. It also shows how with a suitable design these scalability problems can be solved leading to unlimited security management system sizes. 1. Management Consoles; 2. Network Video Recorders; 3. Alarm Server; 4. Integration Gateways; 5. Cameras.

  • Video Management Systems: Designing for Integration

    Webinar | IndigoVision


    Integration of Thirds parties to Video Management Systems has seen the capabilities of even the most basic VMS extend somewhat extensively. Integrated systems to a VMS can add value to security and surveillance provision and/or support and enhance business processes. Designing a Video Management System which needs to integrate events and data from multiple Third parties; meet operational objectives and scale to future requirements; requires planning and consideration of many factors. This module will discuss the principles behind designing and future-proofing a Video Management System which is to be integrated to Third Party Systems.

Charles Darwin House
The Edinburgh Technopole
EH26 0PY

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