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Through a number of brands the Construction Products division of the global organisation ITW Inc. offers the construction industry a wide range of products primarily aimed at professional users such as electricians carpenters and dry liners. Worldwide the Construction Products division generates an annual revenue of around $2bn.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Interactive SPIT i-expert software Tutorial

    Workshop | ITW Construction Products

    ITW Construction Products

    Interactive SPIT i:expert software Tutorial offering delegates insight; understanding; appreciation of the design code compliance achieved by use of the software together with the applicable design codes and the necessity for compliance.

  • Mechanical Post-Installed Anchors Used In Construction

    Seminar | ITW Construction Products

    ITW Construction Products

    This seminar explains mechanical anchor types and operation; their application; particular properties; benefits; setting torques and basis of design and specification with and ETA overview.

  • Post-installed anchor design; selection & specification

    Seminar | ITW Construction Products

    ITW Construction Products

    A technical overview of the design; selection and specification of post installed anchors used in construction.

  • Concrete Screws: Their use as post-installed anchors in concrete & masonry

    Seminar | ITW Construction Products

    ITW Construction Products

    Concrete screws; what is new; what are the benefits; how do they work; installation; applications; performance; issues; seismic capacity.

  • Optimising Sawn Joint Design in Concrete Floors and Pavements Using Tapered Plate Dowels

    Seminar | ITW Construction Products

    ITW Construction Products

    An introduction into sawn joint design in ground supported concrete floors and pavements using tapered plate dowels. We will take a look at conventional methods that utilise nominal reinforcement (fabric/mesh rebar) throughout the entire slab and highlight the methodology and performance mechanisms considered in this approach and compare them to those utilised in a strategically reinforced ground supported slab design. We will highlight how Strategic Reinforcement delivers superior performance, significantly reduces steel and concrete volumes and associated carbon as well as saving material, labour and maintenance costs.

ITW Construction Products
Unit R8 Blair Court
100 Borron Street
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