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Through a number of brands the Construction Products division of the global organisation ITW Inc. offers the construction industry a wide range of products primarily aimed at professional users such as electricians carpenters and dry liners. Worldwide the Construction Products division generates an annual revenue of around $2bn.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Interactive SPIT i-expert software Tutorial

    Workshop | ITW Construction Products

    ITW Construction Products

    Interactive SPIT i:expert software Tutorial offering delegates insight; understanding; appreciation of the design code compliance achieved by use of the software together with the applicable design codes and the necessity for compliance.

  • Mechanical Post-Installed Anchors Used In Construction

    Seminar | ITW Construction Products

    ITW Construction Products

    This seminar explains mechanical anchor types and operation; their application; particular properties; benefits; setting torques and basis of design and specification with and ETA overview.

  • Post-installed anchor design; selection & specification

    Seminar | ITW Construction Products

    ITW Construction Products

    A technical overview of the design; selection and specification of post installed anchors used in construction.

  • Concrete Screws: Their use as post-installed anchors in concrete & masonry

    Seminar | ITW Construction Products

    ITW Construction Products

    Concrete screws; what is new; what are the benefits; how do they work; installation; applications; performance; issues; seismic capacity.

  • Optimising Sawn Joint Design in Concrete Floors and Pavements Using Tapered Plate Dowels

    Seminar | ITW Construction Products

    ITW Construction Products

    An introduction to sawn joint design for ground supported concrete floors and pavements using tapered plate dowels; We will take a look at conventional methods that utilise steel fabric/mesh reinforcement throughout the entire slab; highlight the methodology and performance mechanisms considered in this approach; and compare them to those utilised in a strategically reinforced ground supported slab design; We will highlight how Strategic Reinforcement design using tapered plate dowels delivers superior performance; saves on steel and concrete; and is trade friendly to install

ITW Construction Products
Unit R8 Blair Court
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