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Organisation Description

We offer
• Digital up skilling and skills training
• Remote team digital resource support
• On-demand workshops
• Online Event, Webinars
• Digital Skills affiliate and whitelabel support
• Skills Competency Workshops and Assessment tools
• Digital and Technology Powered resource banks and knowledge hubs
• Online Class/Team and Training set up and support
• Innovation, Technology and Software Consultation and Strategy
• Support Universities, Communities, Local Business, Organisations, Government Departments and Corporations to transfer resources, L & D, services into Digital and Virtual formats
• Providing inclusive Agencies and Corporations with Digitally Inclusive and , engagement support
• Digital Management Training
• Training/Workshops/Consultation/Certification is offered in the following areas/topics and more:
• Business Strategy and Consultation
• Online Business and Digital Strategy
• Awareness
• Digital Learning & Training Portals
• Digital and Technology skills and competencies to build their confidence to get online and operate business in a digital environment
• Digital Training Toolkits and Decks
• Membership Sites and Academies
• Lead Generation
• RPA -Robotic Process Automation
• Sales Marketing Funnels & Sales Closing
• Chatbots
• Planning and End – To – End Solutions
• Technology, Systems, Automates Sales Funnels
• Governance, Compliance, Project Management and Back End Systems Training and Support
• Process & Workflow Training
• Remote Training and Support
• Digital Learning Management research and Implementation
• Business Systems
• Digital Transformation
• Digital, Data, Metics, Analytics and Business Intelligence Consultation
• Bespoke Knowledge Hubs
• Learning and Development Partnerships
• Digital Business Transformation
• Corporate Consulting
• Business Process Analysis
• Customer Journey Mapping
• Mentoring
• Direct Mail Education
• Business Coaching
• Business Frameworks & Business Process Mapping
• Influencer & Celebrity Digital Content Solutions and Membership Sites
• Digital ROI Solution Models
• Workshops
• Seminars
• Certification
• Online Courses
• Executive Training
• Backend Systems for Business Owners
• Business and Marketing CEO HUB for Leaders & Founders
• Technology and Digital Leadership Mentoring
• Marketing & Advertising
• Automation
• In-House solutions and Team licenses available
• Corporate & Aesthetics Beauty
• Online Team Split Operation Strategy
• Project Management

• Support for Universities, Communities, Local Business, Organisations, Government Departments and Corporations
• Engaging audiences online, virtual and via digital classrooms
• Providing Digital trainings, on-demand sessions on Digital Tools and Resources
Our mission is to partner with Universities, Communities, Local Business, Organisations, Government Departments and Corporations.

Enabling students, staff and individuals with Training, Certifications, Upskilling, Confidence Skills and Workshops or Seminars.

A multi Award winning Business Consultancy and Digital Agency we support you with resources, training, certifications and consultation to start, scale and grow your business. Offering, Business Consultancy delivering SME and Corporate Training.

Whether this is a Technology, Innovation or Software Project or Transformation Solution. Blending Academia, Corporate, Business, Practice and Theory in the following: *Business *Consulting *Marketing & Advertising *Digital Transformation *Digital Upskilling *Technology *Automation *Systems & Processes *Project Management/PMO *Research *Innovation *Digital Wellness *Demystifying Technology, Innovation, Research *Robotic Process Automation

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

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