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Organisation Description

Lumina Technologies has over 20 years experience in IT support, IT outsourcing services for SMEs. Lumina Technologies is an established, professional managed services provider with a long history of delivering and supporting enterprise-grade IT ecosystems. Over time, we’ve gradually moved towards working with larger firms, and now increasingly focus on serving clients with 50 users or more, including larger corporates. We also specialise in partnering with fast-growing startups.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Cyber Security - The who; why; what and how

    Seminar | Lumina Technologies

    In the UK; 65% of large companies are targeted by hackers; and the average security breach costs a company ?36.5k. It is therefore hugely important to understand how to protect your business from a cyber attack. In this free Cyber Security Briefing; we will share key learnings; insights and requirements company owners and directors need to ensure the safety of their IT infrastructure.

  • Taming the Inbox - the impact of email overload

    Seminar | Lumina Technologies

    If you don’t keep on top of all the emails in your inbox; you’re in danger of becoming overwhelmed; like one client with 45;000 unread emails. On average; we’re spending around 650 hours a year reading and replying to emails; which have become a major cause of stress and inefficiency. Only 38% of emails are important to our business; so how you deal with emails has a direct effect on your time management and productivity. This seminar provides effective ways of taming your inbox in order to help you work more efficiently.

  • GDPR - Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask

    Seminar | Lumina Technologies

    Changes to the General Data Protection Regulation will come into force next year with the aim of affording EU citizens greater privacy and protection from data breaches. Whilst many companies are aware that the GDPR changes will be happening there are still a lot of aspects you need to get to grips with before implementation. Richard McBarnet will help you ensure your company is prepared for and compliant with the GDPR changes.

  • Design in Fire Safety

    Seminar | Lumina Technologies

    Introducing a new system to Architects to enable them to remove the conflict of what goes where on a ceiling (Sprinklers; Fire Detectors; PIR sensors; Room Lights).