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Organisation Description

Metsä Wood provides competitive and environmentally friendly wood products for construction, industrial customers and distributor partners. We manufacture products from northern wood, a sustainable raw material of premium quality. Metsä Wood is part of Metsä Group, which covers the whole wood value chain from sapling to product.

Metsä Wood offers competitive & eco-efficient wood based solutions for industrial construction customers and the home & lifestyle sectors. We use 100 % traceable wood from northern forests, a sustainable raw material of the finest quality. Our facilities are surrounded by these forest, which ensures a never-ending reliable supply. Our primary products are Nordic premium timber, plywood, Kerto and glulam.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • From Timber to Engineered Wood

    Training Course | Metsa Wood

    Metsa Wood

    This training course has been created for architects who would like to find out more about structural timber. Following a brief introduction to Metsa Group; we will go through timber properties and what Engineering Wood products are available on the market. Following this; we will then show how to use these products (applications; systems and solutions) and how to design them. There will also be an introduction to what software is available for timber design. Finally; we will cover environmental regulations and schemes and then show some project examples.