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Working within a wide range of clinical disciplines, Oakfield forms part of the multi-disciplinary team within each patient’s care plan. In addition, Oakfield has and continues to deliver specialist training within community based Mental Health Service provision. Oakfield is committed to improving the quality of services provided through staff development programmes and research projects. The Oakfield Psychology team have presented research relating to clinical services at international ISPAD conferences and within the United Kingdom.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Clinical Support / Assistant Psychologist Placement Training

    Training Course | Oakfield Psychological Services

    Oakfield Psychological Services

    The course is structured into two parts. Within part 1; students will be introduced to fundamental psychological concepts and techniques within a small group setting. The course moves away from simple lecture-based learning; with an emphasis on practical and real-world learning experience within a supervised setting. Following successful completion of Part 1; students will then implement their knowledge and understanding within a semi-secure unit and/or NHS placement. Here; students will benefit from continual feedback upon their clinical interaction.

Oakfield Psychological Services
Oakfield Chamber
19 Oakfield Street
Altrincham, Cheshire
WA15 8HQ

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