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Organisation Description

PERHATI is a child-friendly counseling and clinical center that aims to assist the growth of healthy human physical, mental and spiritual. Equipped with a reliable counselor in the field, play therapist , sandplay therapist , and Sensory Integration therapist , speech therapist and dentist we want to be able to serve you and your family wholeheartedly.

Our counselor can help with the issues of self-struggle, spouse and family. Overcoming stress and other emotional problems, determining majors and careers as well as preparing marriage counseling, preparing for retirement as well as facing bereaved families. Nor the problem of trauma.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • The Symbolic Language of the Psyche as the fundamental concept of Jungian Analytical Psychology and its application in Sandplay Psychotherapy.

    Workshop | Perhati Counseling and Care Center

    Perhati Counseling and Care Center

    The course will cover the fundamental understanding of Symbol from a Jungian perspective. The connection of the symbol to patient’s psychological complex and its clinical interpretation will be presented. A sandplay case will be used to elucidate how symbol functions as a change agent in the psychotherapeutic process.

  • The Dynamic of Psyche: The Constructive and Deconstructive Cycle of the Psychic Process

    Workshop | Perhati Counseling and Care Center

    Perhati Counseling and Care Center

    A strong ego is necessary to equip a person to face his/her overwhelming unconscious during stressful situations. Therefore; the ego strengthening of the psyche is an important natural phase in one’s psychotherapy. The strengthening involves both the constructive and the deconstructive aspects of the psychic work. The patient will manifest ego defenses to detail from the therapeutic process. The presenter will use the sand pictures of patients to illustrate how the constructive and destructive cycle appeared in their sand playing works; and how the resulting strong ego enables the patient to face the liminal phase of the transformative process.

  • Clinical Applications of Sandplay Therapy

    Workshop | Perhati Counseling and Care Center

    Perhati Counseling and Care Center

    This course will provide an overview of the research and clinical applications of Jungian sandplay therapy (children and adults) in the treatment of mood disorders; trauma; addiction; and other psychopathology. The symbol of the mountain will be highlighted; along with a neuropsychological perspective on how sandplay heals. Concepts will be elucidated through lecture; experiential activities; and case studies.

Perhati Counseling and Care Center
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