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Good nutrition is vital for health & knowledge builds good nutrition. Pocket Nutrition’s CPD certified courses combine innovative technology and learning methods to deliver substantive educational experiences that are truly rewarding.
Our goal is to deliver industry standard nutrition science courses that are geared at empowering learners with a solid knowledge of nutrition and the confidence to apply this knowledge to one’s own health, and to provide practical advice to others in a variety of settings, including employment, and/or in an advisory capacity.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Healthy Eating & Well-being

    Online Course | Pocket Nutrition

    Pocket Nutrition

    This unrivalled course provides a substantive base of knowledge full of applied information that is clear; authoritative and highly useful. This course ties together nutrition science fundamentals with a deeper understanding of how nutritional imbalances can affect health and wellbeing; how other factors; including social and religious; affect diet and choice; weight control diets and their effects on health; and what constitutes general and further advice for health and well-being.

  • Fundamentals of Nutrition and Health

    Online Course | Pocket Nutrition

    Pocket Nutrition

    Packed with information that is clear; authoritative and practical; the course lays down the fundamentals of nutrition science which will help you build a comprehensive understanding of what nutrients are and their roles sources and functions and what serves as a balanced diet.

Pocket Nutrition
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