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Organisation Description

Since 2011 Questas has been helping professional and engineering services firms grow. We have developed a deep understanding of the challenges faced by our clients operating in the built and natural environment.
The people Questas work with are generally technical experts who need to develop their client relationship and business development skills. They range from junior to senior, groups to individuals. One day we’re introducing BD concepts to graduates, the next we’re coaching senior directors and partners on specific client or market issues.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Sales Conversations for non-salespeople

    Training Course | Questas Consulting Ltd

    Questas Consulting Ltd

    Many professional people are required to build client relationships and uncover opportunities for work. Most of them consider themselves ‘Unnatural Salespeople’ and can find these conversations awkward and less than satisfactory. This course provides delegates with a structure and tools to use in these conversations as well as building confidence.

  • Cross Selling

    Online Course | Questas Consulting Ltd

    Questas Consulting Ltd

    This course is aimed at engineers and other professionals who are required to uncover opportunities for services other than their own.

  • Key Client Management

    Training Course | Questas Consulting Ltd

    Questas Consulting Ltd

    A face to face course aimed at developing tools and techniques to create a proactive approach to managing key client relationships

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