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Working for more than 10 years in the area of equality, community cohesion, youth and justice, we have developed numerous CPD and YouthPass accredited programmes including face-to-face courses and e-courses. Acting as a national and European network, we share expertise and best practice among our users, partners and networks with civil society, statutory and non-statutory organizations, locally, nationally and internationally. As a membership organization, RJ4All has over 2000 registered individuals and organisations from across the UK, Europe and overseas. We communicate with our members on a bi-monthly basis via e-newsletters and blogs that are written by them and the RJ4All core team.
The Institute is run by its Founder and Director, Professor. Dr. Theo Gavrielides, an international expert in user-led research methods, and social policy and especially in the areas of restorative justice, criminal justice and human rights. The Director is supported by an operations’ team of international experts. We are also supported by an independent Academic and Editorial Board and an International Advisory Board. RJ4All also runs an independent, publishing arm. RJ4All Publications is an impactful publisher specialising in social sciences and the publication of cutting-edge research.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Safeguarding & Empowering Crime Victim E-Course

    Online Course | Restorative Justice for All - RJ4ALL

    Restorative Justice for All - RJ4ALL

    This CPD accredited e-course is focused on making sure that when restorative justice practices and principles are engaged; victims are safe and human rights are respected as per the European legislation (Victims’ Directive) and international standards. The e-course is supported by an extensive Training Handbook that is provided as part of the package.

  • Preventing Violent Youth Radicalisation: A restorative justice and human rights approach.

    Online Course | Restorative Justice for All - RJ4ALL

    Restorative Justice for All - RJ4ALL

    This free CPD accredited e-course aims to train and support youth workers and other professionals in formal or informal educational settings. It aims to help them in their work on building the knowledge, skills, capacity and resilience of young people with the ultimate objective of preventing violent youth radicalisation and group violence.

  • Restorative justice in higher education setting

    Training Course | Restorative Justice for All - RJ4ALL

    Restorative Justice for All - RJ4ALL

    This CPD accredited face-to-face course aims to train professionals in higher education settings on restorative practice. It has three modules providing (a) an overview of restorative justice theory (b) examples of restorative practice and © interactive workshops with case studies in the context of higher education including HR; conflict management (staff; students etc.).

  • Conducting Youth - Led Research : Informing and Influencing Social Policy

    Online Course | Restorative Justice for All - RJ4ALL

    Restorative Justice for All - RJ4ALL
    This accredited e-course aims to train young professionals and anyone wishing to learn how to conduct youth-led research or support young people in carrying out youth-led research in order to inform and influence social policy. The e-course is supported with a Training Handbook; and is the result of years of working with young people from all walks of life. As with all RJ4All training programmes; this e-course aims to empower trainees; independently of background; to gain a voice on matters they feel passionate about. By the end of the course; trainees should be able to know: What social policy is and how to inform and influence it; What youth-led and user-led research is and how to use it to collect evidence in social sciences including youth policy; crime; equalities and human rights; How to conduct youth-led research using interviews (face-to-face; focus groups; questionnaires); How to analyse your qualitative data and transform them into arguments for informing and influencing social policy; How to present and write research and arguments including being able to identify methodology strengths and limitations.

Restorative Justice for All - RJ4ALL
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