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Organisation Description

Sahara Innovations Limited is a UK-based company dealing with innovation-led projects that are not only cross-sector but also involve multi-university collaborations led by expert researchers and professionals in several fields. We are operated by private business contracts and government research funding. Sahara Innovations Limited aims to establish the feasibility of helping decision-makers, planners, academics, and professionals at all levels to improve their services through the use of our remarkable consulting services and cutting-edge technologies. In doing this, our company aims to work with a number of UK-based and International professional organisations to carryout research and address real-time problems in the real settings.

Sahara Innovations Limited also offer bespoke training’s through our Professional Development Programme (PDP), which is specifically designed for organisation’s heads and their staffs. These professional training’s are tailor-made and can be fully adapted or customised to the area of interest of the attendee. Successful participants will be granted accredited CPD certificates at the end of the PDP training.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Professional Development Programme on Research Induction (PDP-RI)

    Training Course | Sahara Innovations Limited

    PDP-RI is a specialised training and consultancy programme that supports researchers in terms of enabling independent research and achieving their research aim. It also helps them to grasp intellectual research skills. The programme sessions are specialised accordingly considering the individual’s research experience; e.g. beginner to expert researcher. The skills developed through this programme will assist the attendee in resolving various challenges faced in their research; it will also enable them to conduct independent research and produce high quality research work.

  • Industry-led Research Colloquium in Business Analytics

    Seminar | Sahara Innovations Limited

    This colloquium series at the University of Surrey aims to highlight and discuss the challenges of business analytics in the real world; create awareness on relevant cutting-edge technologies; tools; methods and processes in business analytics and data science; thus offering participants an exposure to various research trends in the industry and enabling them to engage with real-world business problems. It is aspired that the knowledge shared at the colloquia will enable participants to have access to an advanced understanding of industry problems and needs; and in various ways will also support their career progression in these fields. The research colloquium will also aim to facilitate the establishment of industry-led collaborative research projects and initiatives. The colloquium is co-organised with industry (Sahara Innnovations Limited).

  • Clevertouch Pro

    Training Course | Sahara Innovations Limited

    Basic features of clevertouch Pro and Lynx Pro meeting

  • Clevertouch Plus Basic

    Training Course | Sahara Innovations Limited

    Basic functions of the clevertouch screen and software suite

  • Clevertouch Plus Intermediate

    Training Course | Sahara Innovations Limited

    More advance features of clevertouch screen and software suite

Sahara Innovations Limited
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