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Schoeck has grown to become Europes leading supplier of innovative structural load bearing insulation products. With Schoeck you do not have to compromise on performance quality or service. Our products are BBA approved and LABC registered.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Thermal bridging and control measures in structural connections for concrete, steel-to-concrete and steel-to-steel

    Seminar | Schoeck

    Seminar considers the major challenge of thermal bridging in balconies and other structural connections and how modern developments in design and materials make it possible to control heat losses at penetrations of the building envelope. Practical applications are included.

  • Design of Structural Concrete Elements reinforced with GFRP according to EuroCode 2

    Seminar | Schoeck

    Glass fibre reinforcement is a relatively new solution for reinforcing concrete structures when environmental conditions or construction specifications do not allow the use of common steel reinforcement. As it is unfamiliar in the construction industry and the lack of a design norm and product standard engineers often face uncertainty when having to design with GFRP reinforcement. This seminar aims at showing the benefits of using GFRP bars in certain applications and explains an approved design approach that uses existing EuroCode 2 guidelines for reinforcement

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