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Organisation Description

Over 400 companies with over a million employees trust us to implement their critical learning and communication initiatives. We partner with them at every stage of the process – from risk assessment through to audit. Some clients retain us to develop fully bespoke content and use our fully managed Skillcast Portal to deliver it to their audience. Others use our Skillcast Author platform to develop and deliver the communications themselves with our support.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Economic Sanctions

    Online Course | Skillcast

    This off-the-shelf course is designed for raising awareness of sanctions and embargoes and educating employees about sanction lists and associated procedures; including reporting.

  • Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing

    Online Course | Skillcast

    This course covers the legal obligations of companies to prevent and report money laundering and terrorist financing. Your employees will find out about the systems and procedures that you have in place to prevent financial crime; and what their role is in complying with them.

  • Bribery Prevention

    Online Course | Skillcast

    Our Bribery Prevention course can help you to educate your employees and associated persons on their legal and contractual obligations in this respect; and the consequences of getting it wrong. It covers all the key bribery risks; including third parties; expenses; gifts and hospitality; sponsorships and donations; and facilitation payments.

  • Competition Law

    Online Course | Skillcast

    This course is designed to educate your employees about various anti-competitive practices; including cartels; informal collusion; careless breaches; tying and bundling; and other restrictive practices; and the steps they must take to avoid falling foul of competition law.

  • Data Protection

    Online Course | Skillcast

    Facts and opinions about individuals constitute personal data; and are legally protected in the UK and elsewhere in the EU. Learn about the principles of data protection and how you can apply them in practice.

  • Equality and Diversity in the Workplace

    Online Course | Skillcast

    Although you may feel that you treat people equally; sometimes your actions might be perceived differently by others; and lead them to feel uncomfortable; let down or discriminated against. Learn how you can avoid discrimination and harassment in the workplace. In this course; you’ll learn what equality is; how you can avoid and prevent discrimination and harassment; and how you can comply with the Equality Act

  • Fraud Prevention

    Online Course | Skillcast

    Fraud is a real and present danger for us; and its consequences are very serious for our Company and the individuals involved. Learn about the triggers and early-warning indicators that can help you to identify and report fraud. In our Fraud Prevention course; learners will be able to understand exactly what fraud is; as well as learn about the different types of fraud to which we may be exposed and what you can do to prevent it.

  • Health and Safety in the Workplace

    Online Course | Skillcast

    Health and safety in the workplace should be a top priority for all of us. Awareness of health and safety procedures can prevent injuries and save lives. In this course; you’ll learn about healthy working and your obligation to comply with Company procedures to reduce risk.

  • Information Security

    Online Course | Skillcast

    The security of client and internal information is absolutely critical for our business; and the consequences of information being lost or stolen are severe. Learn what steps you should take for the safe use of our information; systems and networks. In this course; you’ll learn about information classification; email security; network and physical access control; and information security on the move. You’ll also look at what information security means to us; and what you should do to prevent information loss or theft.

  • Managing Safely

    Online Course | Skillcast

    Ensuring the health and safety of all employees is a top priority for the company; and all managers share this responsibility. Learn how you can participate in risk assessments and implementing safety measures for controlling risk. In this course; you’ll learn about health and safety risks; and the systems and procedures to enable you to manage health and safety in the area under your responsibility.

  • Market Abuse

    Online Course | Skillcast

    The misuse of inside information that can impact the price of traded financial securities is a criminal offence; which can result in fines and imprisonment. Learn about the rules of proper market conduct for dealing with such information. In this course; you’ll learn about the market abuse offences – insider dealing; unlawful disclosure and market manipulation – and related conduct rules

  • Safeguarding the Vulnerable

    Online Course | Skillcast

    Certain individuals are unable to care for themselves or their interests due to disability; age or other factors. We owe a duty to safeguard such vulnerable people. In this course; you’ll learn about who is vulnerable and what steps you should take to safeguard them.