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Organisation Description

Source Code Control helps organisations leverage all the benefits of using Open Source Software to create applications while minimising risk such as Intellectual Property and security vulnerabilities. We want developers to be free to do what they do best and create and develop great software by creating processes to ensure IP and security vulnerabilities are not engineered into their solutions.

Rather than find vulnerabilities and IP issues after software is developed we create processes and Open Source policies that avoid issues being engineered in to software through the development cycle. We give full visibility to both business management and development to issues as they arise so their is full transparency across an organisations.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Getting it Right with Open Source Software

    Training Course | Source Code Control

    Source Code Control

    This training course enables the attendees to learn about the licensing requirements of Open Source Software and the potential pitfalls on getting it wrong! It then covers best practice for management and risk mitigation based on the OpenChain standards.