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Organisation Description

Here at TOSPS, we believe that we’ve consigned the traditional way therapy and counselling has been accessed by people over the centuries. We’ve torn up the rule book and set about creating a business that would give therapists, counsellors and clients a website, allowing them to give therapy, receive therapy and counselling face to face online – in a way that is reflective of, and compatible with modern day technology and lifestyles.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Online video counselling and Cyber security for Counsellors

    Training Course | The One Stop Psychotherapy Shop

    The One Stop Psychotherapy Shop

    This course is designed to teach safeguards to counsellors when providing online video counselling. It will establish the level of technology a candidate has and teach them to safely work online. They will leave with an understanding of cyber security and good working practices for the provision of online counselling.

  • Mental Health Awareness

    Online Course | The One Stop Psychotherapy Shop

    The One Stop Psychotherapy Shop

    This course has the following aims: Identify common mental illnesses. Identify more severe mental illnesses. Recognise behaviours which discriminate against people who are mentally ill. Recognise things which cause stress in yourself and others. Select strategies which help us cope well with everyday stress and mental distress. Outline strategies which do not help us to recover from mental illness. Identify ways to support a colleague who is mentally ill. Identify ways to support a colleague returning to work. Recognise the characteristics of a healthy work place. Recall what the law states about mental health in the work place.