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Organisation Description

Engineering Webinars is an international certified educational organisation online, member of the CPD Certification service with main goal to provide high quality educational services to engineers all over the world. It is part of the TILEKPAIDEYSI S.A and forms the expansion in an international level of the high quality educational services of Michanikos Online the Greek engineering portal.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Repair & Protection Methods for Reinforced Concrete Structures according to EN 1504

    Webinar | Tilekpaideysi S.A.

    Tilekpaideysi S.A.

    Complete and detailed analysis of the EN 1504 about the repair and protection of reinforced concrete structures including application procedures: 1. Phenomena related to Reinforced Concrete damage and degradation; 2. EN 1504 under the framework of repair performance indicators – Life cycle cost analysis; 3. The mechanical and physical characteristics of bonding – Chemistry of coatings; 4. Coating against carbonation and chloride ion ingress; 5. Breathability; vapour management and vapour blockers; 6. Bonding enhancing materials and techniques; 7. Analysis and design of crack injection – Methods of repair; 8. Design of Anchorage systems; 9. R/C Corrosion – passivation of rebar – protection against chemical attack; 10. Incipient Anode effects and control ; 11. Cathodic protection

  • Industrial Floors – Design and Construction

    Webinar | Tilekpaideysi S.A.

    Tilekpaideysi S.A.

    Webinar for engineers about the design and the construction of industrial floors. The following subjects are covered: 1. Industrial floors – medium type; 2. Industrial floors – heavy type; 3. Hydrated fillings; 4. Anhydrous fillings; 5. Design of construction joints; 6. Construction Phase; 7. Coatings; 8. High roughness surfaces.

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