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Organisation Description

Our bespoke yoga retreat specialises in small groups of individuals, families or friends. Come and join our family orientated retreat in south/west France where a warm welcome awaits you and our structured but fluid programme will be tailored to each individuals needs.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Aromatherapy Massage

    Training Course | TK Yoga Retreat

    This course will cover: the use of essential oils together with therapeutic massage techniques to enhance well being; Massage techniques to help de stress; How to relax or revitalise tired muscles; How aromatherapy and massage can unlock powerful healing memories; aid sleep; digestion and circulation

  • Reflexology Course

    Training Course | TK Yoga Retreat

    Learn about this complementary therapy that uses reflex points and areas on hands and feet to stimulate well-being.

  • Indian Head Massage

    Training Course | TK Yoga Retreat

    Learn about Indian Head Massage which is massage of the scalp; neck and shoulders. It is a therapy designed to instil deep relaxation; releasing tight muscles in the neck and shoulders. It encourages blood flow and balances the Chakras.

  • TK Ear Candling and Facial Drainage Massage

    Online Course | TK Yoga Retreat

    TK ear candling and facial drainage massage is designed for complete beginners or those therapists interested in adding extra skills to an existing practice.

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