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Organisation Description

We are Trendimi, an e-learning platform for the creative and professional woman. With tons of exciting online courses to choose from, in beauty, fashion, business, home, and health, we’re your one-stop shop for ALL your personal development and learning needs.

The Trendimi team is made up of international experts at the top of their game, and they’re delivering industry knowledge, technical training, and practical tools right to your screen. Learn event planning from seasoned professionals, makeup artistry from experts who work with top brands and clientele, interior design from tv presenters and established authors – and more! Even if you’re taking a course for fun, you’ll pick up valuable training that may just launch your new hobby or career.

Course content is accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world, and on any digital device – so you can study when YOU want, and take your course wherever you go. Get certified in your favorite topics, and show off your experience at your next job interview – Trendimi training gets results.

Whatever your goals, whether it’s to switch up a boring career, discover new passions, or learn new skills, we want you to reach for the stars – and we’ll get you one step closer to your dreams.

Trendimi has a ton of exciting online courses to choose from – browse, try them on, and see what fits!

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping

    Online Course | Trendimi

    If you want to have a better understanding of accounting and bookkeeping this is the right course for you! Whether you want to become an accountant or simply would like to grasp your personal and business finances better; this course is for everyone! You will be walked through the basics as well as be given the tools you need to begin a career in the field and/or to improve your performance to become a better asset to your business.

  • Acne Treatment & Care

    Online Course | Trendimi

    Acne is famous for its prevalence during adolescence; but about 46.7% adults also suffer from mild to severe acne. Acne even if not usually a threat to one’s health can be emotionally challenging and can also leave scaring. This course will provide you with topnotch information about the causes of acne and show you a wide array of treatment options and advice for lifestyle and diet changes – all backed up by research.

  • All You Need to Know: First Time Mom

    Online Course | Trendimi

    This First Time Mom’s course is written specially for you. It opens up the big; exciting and often scary world of pregnancy and early parenthood and lays it out in the open. We clearly and simply give you the low down on all the typical queries and questions new Moms have. Feel reassured knowing what to expect and make informed choices with expert knowledge. This course is packed with vital knowledge; useful tips and expert guidance for first time Moms. Make sure you’re fully prepared for one of the biggest events of your life – start reading today!

  • Bachelor & Bachelorette Party Planning

    Online Course | Trendimi

    What could be better than helping to create a once-in-a-lifetime party experience for a new bride or groom? If you are looking for a new career where you can be creative; have fun; and make people happy all at the same time; then this is the course for you. We give our students the chance to access our amazing course material from anywhere; at any time; which means that you can learn around your own schedule. There is no excuse not to get started on your new career right away.

  • Beauty Party Planner

    Online Course | Trendimi

    Everyone loves to pamper themselves and beauty parties are becoming an increasingly popular way for people to celebrate special occasions by pampering themselves. This course will prepare you for a successful career in beauty party planning. Our course material is available anywhere you have an Internet connection; so you can study whenever and wherever you like. You will get all the information you need regardless of whether you are looking to start your first career or switch to a new one. Enrol today and get started on a new rewarding business that will make you feel happy to go to work every day.

  • Bridal & Special Occasions Makeup

    Online Course | Trendimi

    Weddings are one of the largest event industries and brides deserve the best for their big day! Wedding and special occasion makeup is highly desired and clients are willing to pay for high quality services. As a wedding and special event makeup artist; you have the opportunity to grow your clientele considerably as you master your craft. Many people do not consider the special circumstances that occur during weddings and events – such as difficult lighting and photography. This course will teach you the ways to apply makeup in the most optimal way; so your clients have that happily ever after!

  • Business Pricing Strategies

    Online Course | Trendimi

    One of the most difficult parts of starting a business is deciding how much to charge consumers for your product or service. The challenge comes from the delicate process of avoiding business failure. This course is designed to lead you through the best practices for pricing products and services with the purposes of establishing an initial market value. In addition; you will learn how to monitor the market for trends; determine when a price adjustment is necessary; and maintain ongoing market research for application to products and services.

  • Contouring and Highlighting Expert

    Online Course | Trendimi

    Highlighting and contouring are an absolute MUST for any makeup fan. Contouring will sculpt; slim and define your face; so you can get the look you want without having to permanently alter your features. Whereas highlighting brings out your best features by drawing attention to them using light. You can play with application; products; and shapes to achieve various looks – from soft and natural to dramatic and mysterious. Using a variety of lessons and video tutorials; we’ll show you the latest tips and techniques for creating a flawless face for yourself or your clients!

  • Diet for Beauty & Health

    Online Course | Trendimi

    Eating your way natural beauty is actually quite simple. Your body is an ecosystem – an ingeniously designed collection of billions of cells doing the multitude of functions it takes to keep you living and thriving. As everything is connected; it makes sense that everything you put in your body affects the whole of you. What’s wonderful about this is that you can have a profound influence on your natural beauty. In this course; you’ll learn the inside secrets to healthy and beautiful skin; hair and nails – naturally. As well as learning the foundations of a healthy eating regime – many important questions will be answered.

  • DIY Home Improvement

    Online Course | Trendimi

    DIY; or Do-It-Yourself; can be a great way to maintain and add new features to your house and garden that you can enjoy for years to come. The satisfaction from building things with our own two hands makes us value them more; according to psychologists. In addition; DIY can save you money – with no labor costs to pay; you can save the difference and keep your house and garden in top condition even when money’s tight. Whether you are totally new to DIY or are an experienced enthusiast; this course will equip you with new understanding and techniques to help you succeed at a wide variety of projects.

  • Event Planner

    Online Course | Trendimi

    Do you love hosting and planning all types of different events? The process that goes into planning an event can be very stressful; so people are often happy to hire someone to help take the stress off their shoulders. This course is designed to provide you will all the tools you need to plan all types of events ranging from dinners to weddings to baby showers to holiday parties. Maximize your people skills and organizational talents and join the dynamic world of event planning today!

  • Extensions & Hair Styling Expert

    Online Course | Trendimi

    Hair styling is a vital component and is one of the most important elements to overall image. Hair styling is an exciting; creative and glamorous career as well as a valuable addition to many professions like personal shopper or image consultant. Based in the fast moving; bustling world of image and fashion; it is satisfying and very rewarding. Our course is written by a top stylist who has many years of experience in all areas of hair styling. You’ll receive in-depth understanding on the importance of caring for different types of hair as well as seeing how to work creatively with styling.

  • Face Painting

    Online Course | Trendimi

    Color; art and fun combine into our most joyously vibrant course yet! Our experts will teach you the art of face painting – From working with children at festivals to otherworldly Halloween looks; face painting is a transformative practice. With just paint; you can turn into a comic book vixen; mottled mermaid; or cotton candy kitten! Join us on a journey through the types of face painting: children; adults; Halloween; and special effects. As you watch our transformation videos; you’ll learn the secrets only the experts know!

  • Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

    Online Course | Trendimi

    Did you always want to start a fashion or lifestyle blog? Or just dreamed of a career in the field? Or just want to share your style; thoughts and life with others? Starting or developing a blog is much easier than you think. Creating; building and maintaining a successful fashion or lifestyle blog isn’t unattainable – it’s craft. With this course; you’ll learn how to blog on a professional level from the start. You’ll learn everything from planning; preparation and behind the scenes action that’s required in blogging to the nitty gritty more technical; creative and design lead parts.

  • Fashion Store Assistant & Personal Shopper

    Online Course | Trendimi

    Are you natural at styling and love everything to do with fashion? There are endless opportunities to advance your skills and boost your career or begin a new one. This course is specifically designed to groom and guide you. You’ll learn all the technical; creative and personal skills you need to help clients make the most of their appearance and be a style guru. You’ll get an in-depth knowledge of the history of fashion and discover where familiar trends started. This strong foundation in the development of fashion will help you identify how to suit a particular style to each client.

  • Feng Shui Interior Design

    Online Course | Trendimi

    Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophical way of living; where everything is harmonized with the environment. Feng Shui will help you learn how to balance the elements of your home so you can create beautiful spaces to enjoy; as well as to create harmony; balance; and happiness in the carefully and planned spaces; shapes; colors; and focal points of your home. This course is ideal for a practicing interior designer in search of additional accreditations and qualifications; as well as for homeowners and renters who want to improve the balance and harmony of their home.

  • Furniture Restoration

    Online Course | Trendimi

    Do you have old furniture that has developed cracks or stains over the years; having lost its original appeal? If you’ve always wondered how to turn your furniture “trash” into valued “treasures;” this course is for you! In this course you will learn the basic principles and techniques for restoring multiple types of materials and creating do-it-yourself décor you can be proud of. You will learn what makes antiques unique to their time periods and how to keep the integrity of historical pieces of furniture while updating them in a way that suits your aesthetic.

  • Gel Manicure & Nail Artist

    Online Course | Trendimi

    Grooming of the hands and feet are very significant parts of an image. Paying attention to the care and decoration of hands; fingernails; feet; and toenails is essential for a fully groomed look. Business is booming for nail salons all over the world and demand for good nail artists is flourishing. This course will give you a solid foundation of excellent skills you need to start a very exciting career in nail care. It is an expertise you can take anywhere in the world. Sign up today.

  • Holistic Therapist

    Online Course | Trendimi

    Whether you have already trained in one or more holistic practice and you’re thinking of furthering your career; or you’re just starting out and looking to get an insight into the holistic industry; this course is for you. A strong foundation for those wishing to become holistic therapists and start a career in this field; or simply to further your training. While our course includes useful information and guidance about holistic therapies; it also guides you in setting up your own business practice. You will access invaluable advice gained from professionals in the field who have successfully started and grown their own practice.

  • Home Decor & Refurbishment

    Online Course | Trendimi

    Whether you commute; work from home; or are a dependent; your house is one of the most important parts of your life. Your living space affects your mood; happiness; and wellbeing. This course will take you through the basics of creating your dream home; through decoration; refurbishment; and repair. With step-by-step guides for planning; budgeting; and hiring contractors; as well as information and resources for doing the work yourself. You’ll also learn about the basics of interior design and everything you need to confidently and competently tackle every renovation project with this comprehensive course.