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Vertex is the leading provider of corporate tax software and services for companies of all sizes. Our cloud and on-premise solutions enable compliance for every major line of tax, including sales and use, income, value-added, and payroll. Our solutions continually raise the bar on how to simplify tax calculations and reporting while complying with ever-changing tax rates and rules.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • EU VAT Changes & What You Need To Know

    Webinar | Vertex Inc

    Vertex Inc

    The EU VAT system is currently in a state of change; and companies are expected to adapt to these changes quickly. In January 2020; 4 “Quick Fixes” took effect all of which seek to harmonise and simplify the following: call-off stock arrangements; chain transactions; substantive conditions to exempt intra-Community supplies; documentary evidence needed to exempt intra-Community supplies. Join our webinar where our tax expert Aleksandra Bal will speak to the new VAT rules; how they may impact your business; and what actions you need to take to remain compliant.

  • Automate Your Data Validation; Analysis; and Transformation Steps prior to the VAT Reporting Process

    Webinar | Vertex Inc

    Vertex Inc

    Preparing indirect tax reports is time consuming and includes managing data quality risks. Bad or incomplete data can result in non-compliance; large penalties; unrealized tax benefits and rework. Join our webinar to learn how to learn more about Vertex Data Integrity. Understand how to leverage a cloud-based; multi-tenant; tax-specific solution for the data validation; analysis; and transformation steps required for a company to properly support the indirect tax reporting process.

  • The Blindfolded VAT Manager

    Webinar | Vertex Inc

    Vertex Inc

    Many businesses operate SAP Ariba to process the procurement of materials and services simply and efficiently; particularly business overhead costs. However there are various tax requirements and VAT rules and regulations that are constantly changing and need to be taken into consideration. Additionally; the EU-wide trend towards the reporting of VAT to tax authorities in real-time is increasing the pressure for businesses to ensure that controls are put in place so that invoices are processed and validated accurately.

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