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Organisation Description

Victorious Women of Valiant is a workshop for women who are recovering from domestic abuse. The workshop is designed to educate, inspire and motivate women recovering from the trauma of domestic abuse and to make positive changes in their lives. The Victorious Women of Valiant Workshop provides practical tools and mindset training on how to rebuild a happier and fulfilling life after experiencing domestic abuse.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • VWV Self Development Training for Women Survivors of Domestic Abuse.

    Training Course | Victorious Women of Valiant (LTD)

    Victorious Women of Valiant (LTD)

    The course has been designed to work with women of all ages; cultural and religious background who have experienced domestic abuse. It is a 6-week 2 hour per week program looking into areas of self-development from a negative experience to moving forward using self-development skills training. As a domestic abuse survivor; I developed and design the course using my personal journey to recovery. I have carried out the workshop as a pilot scheme in a women’s refuge and found it was a great success from the feedback I had received. The aim of the course is to train the women with tools to help them build on their self-esteem and confidence and look at setting positive goals for the future. The CPD certificate will be awarded to all those who complete the course which is an initiative for the women; as a high percentage of these women have no qualifications.

  • Understanding Victims of Domestic Abuse

    Online Course | Victorious Women of Valiant (LTD)

    Victorious Women of Valiant (LTD)

    This is an eLearning training for any one that’s has involvement with domestic abuse victims to create awareness of the psychological affects of abuse of the victims and to answer the commonly asked question “Why don’t they just leave?”

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