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Wellspect HealthCare, the name behind LoFric® and Navina™ Systems, is a leading global provider of innovative continence care solutions. We passionately strive to make a real difference every day to everyone who needs our products and services. That is why every solution bearing the Wellspect HealthCare name carries with it the trust and dependability built on more than 30 years of life-improving performance. As part of our ongoing commitment to minimising environmental impact, our production in Sweden is powered using “green” energy.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Navina Education App

    Online Course | Wellspect HealthCare

    Wellspect HealthCare

    This application is part of the Navina systems training program and is intended for everyone who will encounter any part of Navina Systems; either as a user; professional care giver; and prescriber or as trainer/sales force. This training will give you an introduction to Neurogenic Bowel dysfunction (NBD); transanal irrigation (TAI) and Navina Systems.

  • Advancing Continence Care together in partnership with Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Continence Modules for bladder and bowel health

    Training Course | Wellspect HealthCare

    Wellspect HealthCare

    This continence course has been developed for those healthcare professionals involved in the assessment and treatment of patients with any bladder or bowel health issues. The course will provide the essential evidenced based specialist knowledge needed to offer the very best in continence care. The detailed course will be run over 8 modules including a variety of teaching methods; assessment techniques and highly specialist teaching including the most experienced clinicians working within the field of Gynaecology; Urology; Colorectal and Gastroenterology.

  • ACCT: TAI - A solution for constipation and fecal incontinence

    Webinar | Wellspect HealthCare

    Wellspect HealthCare

    Constipation and fecal incontinence are bothersome symptoms of bowel dysfunction; often more common than talked about. Management of these symptoms is complex and conservative methods do not always improve them. Transanal irrigation (TAI) is an established therapy for constipation and fecal incontinence in some patient groups; while rarely used in others. This webinar will introduce TAI as a possible management option for more patients and discuss how to improve adherence to the therapy.

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