A Guide to Understanding CPD Accreditation

A Guide to Understanding CPD Accreditation

09 Jul 2018

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CPD (Continuing Professional Development) has become an integral part of modern-day business and delivers numerous impressive benefits to both businesses and individuals. Regardless of which sector you work in, CPD can prove invaluable to your company.

However, if you want to truly gain all of the benefits CPD provides, it’s not enough to simply incorporate and encourage CPD in your company. Instead, you’re going to want to consider CPD accreditation.

Understanding CPD Accreditation

So, what is it? Well, CPD accreditation is basically a formal certification showing a business or organisation is credible and authentic.

If you supply CPD courses, training or events for example, becoming accredited will show participants that they meet current exemplary standards. Participants will also have peace of mind that the knowledge, skills and qualifications they acquire will be 100% authentic.

Becoming accredited with CPD UK, highlights your company’s commitment to continued professional development and sets you up as a leading authority within your chosen sector.

What benefits does it provide?

There are a lot of benefits which come from CPD accreditation. First and foremost, it helps to set you apart from your competitors. Accreditation gives your business or organisation credibility, making customers more likely to choose you over your non-accredited competitors.

Another benefit are the resources it opens up for you. When you become CPD accredited, you’ll gain access to a large network of accredited providers. You’ll be able to share your own expertise, as well as receive input from a much broader community. Through networking, it could open up a lot of new doors and opportunities.

There’s also the increased profit potential to consider; as you’ll be seen as an authority in the industry, you’ll not only gain a lot more new customers, but you can also start charging more for your services. So, the profit-boosting potential is fantastic.

If you are seeking CPD accreditation for your business, you’ll find it can help you to attract the most talented, high-quality candidates for any job roles you advertise. Job seekers are much more likely to apply to an accredited company, especially one which enables them to focus on CPD. You’ll also find employee turnover is reduced, eliminating the need to spend money training up new employees. This again boosts your company’s profit potential.

When you become accredited with CPD UK, you’ll also appear in the CPD Member Directory. This provides excellent user validation and makes it easier for prospects to find you. You’ll be able to use the CPD certified symbol on your learning materials too, as well as present it on your company’s website and marketing materials. If you have any events coming up, they can be advertised on the CPD Event Calendar. This provides much more exposure and again adds true authenticity to your events.

These are just some of the benefits CPD accreditation provides. You’ll be able to choose from a range of membership options too, with something to suit all businesses and budgets.

"The CPD certification service were very approachable and provided substantial help and support throughout the accreditation process. The process itself is simple and both the Client Relationship Managers and Assessments Team provide step by step guidance and advice"

Louise Stenson – NHS Supply Chain

Different levels of membership to suit all businesses

At CPD UK, we understand there is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to CPD accreditation and that’s why we offer several levels of membership. No matter what your budget, how large your business is or the type of CPD services you provide, there’s a level of membership to fit your needs.

The accreditation process is simple, and all applications are reviewed by independent third-party assessors. Our experts are also on hand if you have any questions regarding the process.

As you can see, there’s a lot of benefits of gaining CPD accreditation. Whichever industry you’re in, your business could benefit greatly from gaining accreditation. Sign up and apply for CPD accreditation or contact us for more information.

CPD News Team

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