CPD - Why take a Train the Trainer course?

CPD - Why take a Train the Trainer course?

20 Apr 2023

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Being a successful instructor is about equipping yourself with the essential skills to deliver an engaging training session that meets the needs of both the organisation and its delegates. Participating in a train the trainer course is an excellent way to enhance your training skills and can provide you with specialist knowledge that will set you apart.

In this CPD article, we will outline the benefits of taking a train the trainer course, as well as the different types of programmes available for trainers and where to find accredited courses that will help with your professional development.

What is Train the Trainer?

Training and professional development is an important aspect of success in any field and many roles now require the ability to train others. Train the trainer is a methodology intended to equip individuals with the ability and information required to effectively develop and deliver training programmes. Attending train the trainer courses as part of regular Continuing Professional Development (CPD) can provide value within industries that require a high level of continual learning and skills development.

What is a Train the Trainer CPD course?

A train the trainer course is specifically designed for those facilitating or teaching professional training. There are many train the trainer CPD courses designed to help individuals become capable of creating and delivering training sessions that are tailored to the needs of their organisation and its employees. For example, these can include how to organise a structured training class, along with other benefits that will give you confidence as a trainer.

Train the trainer CPD programmes and courses ensure professionals are capable of conducting high-quality workshops and training sessions for organisations and individuals. You can sometimes receive a qualification by completing a train the trainer CPD course through certain awarding organisations and bodies.

What are the benefits of taking a Train the Trainer CPD course?

There are many benefits to taking a train the trainer CPD course, including learning in depth about training theory and skills, staying up-to-date with new training techniques, learning how to effectively run a training workshop and networking with other trainers. We have outlined some of the benefits of taking a train the trainer course below.

Improve your training skills

Train the trainer courses can provide instructors with the tools to create and conduct beneficial training programmes. These include training theory, establishing learning goals and objectives, as well as evaluation techniques which help trainers improve their ability to teach.

Stay up-to-date with training techniques

Staying up-to-date with the latest techniques is challenging, but train the trainer CPD courses ensure you are exposed to new approaches that can improve your ability as a trainer. Some examples of these techniques are microlearning, gamification and blended learning.

Advantages of train the trainer CPD courses

Learn how to run a training workshop

Train the trainer courses can help you plan, design, prepare and run a training workshop. These can vary by attendee experience and industry specificity, however, understanding fundamental training theory and principals of learning will ensure you can run your own effective training workshop.

Increase your confidence as a trainer

Understanding the underlying theory, as well as the practical tools provided in a train the trainer CPD course can help to increase your confidence as a trainer. Being able to better plan, conduct and evaluate training programmes helps give you more insight into your practices and develop techniques that improve learning outcomes.

Professional development for the trainer

Participating in a train the trainer CPD course gives you the skills and knowledge to become a valuable asset for an organisation due to the specialist knowledge they provide. Becoming a certified trainer improves your job prospects as it is a requirement for many training related roles and can give you a competitive edge throughout your career. (Read our related article: Is CPD good for my CV?)

Network with other trainers

Train the trainer CPD courses offers individuals the chance to meet other trainers and provides networking opportunities within different industries and experience levels. The ability to network with other qualified trainers can present opportunities in the future for professional development, potential career prospects and collaboration.

These are only a few examples of how taking a train the trainer CPD course can be beneficial. Further advantages may become more apparent as you develop specialist skills within the field and meet other trainers who are involved in their own professional development.

Are there different types of Train the Trainer CPD courses?

There are a variety of train the trainer CPD courses available. Train the trainer courses and programmes are versatile and offer value at any range of experience, whether you are just starting out or are an experienced instructor and have been training for years. The type of train the trainer course to choose will vary depending on what you hope to gain from attending the course and your own personal goals.

Types of courses available for train the trainer

Courses are also tailored to industry specific qualifications. You can find more specific train the trainer CPD courses in your sector by going to the Industry Hubs area of our website. These are hosted on behalf of our members and cover a variety of industries, including Healthcare and Medical, Construction, Education, Energy, Engineering, Finance, Human Resources, Business, Information Technology and more.

What is Train the Trainer CPD accreditation?

Train the trainer CPD accreditation means that learning has been reviewed and approved to ensure integrity and quality. CPD course accreditation ensures learning and materials meet required industry standards and regulations, and can provide value at a range of different experience levels.

One of the benefits of taking part in a train the trainer course that has been CPD accredited is that it has been externally peer-reviewed and approved, meaning it will comply with universally accepted Continuing Professional Development guidelines. In general, courses provided by an established organisation should also be recognised internationally and may be used to provide evidence for compliance and audit.

You may be interested in a train the trainer CPD accredited course if you are looking to improve your skills as a trainer, develop techniques that allow you to continuously improve as a trainer, learn how to run a workshop and gain further confidence in your ability to train.

Where to find accredited Train the Trainer CPD courses?

Within the CPD Courses Catalogue, there are numerous accredited train the trainer courses that vary in length and needed level of experience. Many courses allow you to explore specific industry training relevant to your own learning needs. All the train the trainer CPD courses shown on our website have been reviewed and approved by our Assessments team as suitable for any Continuing Professional Development requirements.

How to become a CPD accredited training provider?

We hope this article was helpful. The CPD Certification Service is the world’s leading and largest CPD accreditation organisation, with over 25 years’ experience supporting CPD providers across all industry sectors. If you are considering becoming a CPD training provider, please contact our team to discuss in more detail. Alternatively, if you are looking to record your own personal CPD learning, please go to the myCPD Portal where you can manage, track and log your learning in one simple place.

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