Dronagiri Ayurveda Solutions

Dronagiri Ayurveda Solutions

The objective of Dronagiri Ayurveda Solutions is to encourage healthier living primarily through the "life manual" known as Ayurveda. Dronagiri Ayurveda Solutions' Ayurdiet division specialises in diet and lifestyle modifications. We provide consultations, detoxification programs, and courses on various applied Ayurvedic topics. Our courses mostly focus on understanding the body and how it works, which enables one to choose and suggest what is the most appropriate diet for an individual. The subjects covered include the fundamentals of Ayurvedic nutrition, lifestyle, diet planning, Ayurvedic daily routine, etc.   

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Certificate Course In Ayurveda Dietetics

Dronagiri Ayurveda Solutions

Ayurvedic dietetics is an important part of Ayurvedic medicine; which is an ancient holistic healing...
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Dronagiri Ayurveda Solutions
Dronagiri Ayurveda Solutions Thejus, Sagara Sarani, North Beypore Kozhikode, Kerala Satate 67315 India
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