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  • The School of Life


    The School of Life

    Day-to-day work can all too easily make us feel bored or burnt out. For many of us; this is when we start fantasising about changing careers. But what we most often need is to feel... Read more

  • The School of Life


    The School of Life

    Too often we think of play as something reserved for children; or worse; for the lazy; idle; and irresponsible. But playfulness is serious business. It helps us connect to one another... Read more

  • The School of Life


    The School of Life

    Emotions can sometimes blur our vision. To make good decisions and work well with others; we need to be able to separate the way we feel about the world from the way it actually is. Read more

  • The School of Life


    The School of Life

    Feeling and demonstrating empathy is tied to better performance at work; and especially to better leadership. Empathy is also crucial for customer service – research shows that for... Read more

  • The School of Life


    The School of Life

    Supporting others and listening carefully (but not uncritically) to their signs of distress allows us to give them the best advice on how to approach their challenges. The skill of... Read more

  • The School of Life


    The School of Life

    The Self Awareness class will consider how our image of ourself may differ from how others see us. The class shall take stock of our own unconscious attitudes and beliefs. During the... Read more

  • The School of Life


    The School of Life

    In order for even the best ideas to have the greatest impact they need to be communicated with a skill too often neglected in the workplace: charm. That’s why studies show that those... Read more

  • The School of Life


    The School of Life

    The two-hour session on Calm will cover how to learn to cope with challenges and setbacks with less anger anxiety or despair. The class will consider the role of anger at work and why... Read more

  • Eurolink Tours

    3RD World Congress European Society of Aesthetic Gynaecology

    Eurolink Tours

    The congress will be focused on the Reconstructive; Regenerative and Aesthetic procedures related to female intimate area.

    Read more
  • I.S.C. SRL

    Attachment & Trauma Congress: Personality Development & Psychotherapy

    I.S.C. SRL

    World-leading experts in London will share their knowledge about attachment; trauma; and personality development. After the Attachment & Trauma Congress in May 2017; this conference... Read more

  • CCA Global

    CCA Inspire – A reward programme for high performing front-line colleagues and front-line managers

    CCA Global

    An educational programme which recognises top talented agents and team leaders and develops their existing skills and gives them access to and an understanding of the wider Read more

  • Independent Publishers Guild

    Financial Management Essentials: Part One

    Independent Publishers Guild

    By asking five key questions; the course is designed to help publishers improve their awareness of the financial consequences of the decisions they make every day; whether on the income... Read more

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