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Business Sector Courses

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Business Sub-Sectors

Business CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Corporate Coach Training

    Conflict Management

    Corporate Coach Training

    This course will teach you how to: Prevent conflicts escalating by “nipping them in the bud” early; Use logic and reason to resolve conflicts; Prevent conflicts caused by... Read more

  • In-Trac Training & Consultancy Ltd

    Court Skills

    In-Trac Training & Consultancy Ltd

    This two day course is designed to give participants the opportunity to understand; in detail; family court processes and legal proceedings coupled with plenty of opportunities to... Read more

  • In-Trac Training & Consultancy Ltd

    Life Story Work

    In-Trac Training & Consultancy Ltd

    This is a one day course which aims to provide an introduction to the Life Story Work and increase participant’s confidence to undertake this work with children. Although classroom... Read more

  • Virtual College

    Anti-Money Laundering

    Virtual College

    This module looks at what money laundering is; the regulations and how to comply with them.

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  • Virtual College

    Safe use of Insulin: Prepare and Prescribe

    Virtual College

    This module will provide knowledge and advice for frontline healthcare staff to reduce harms associated with insulin use in the healthcare setting and promote safe insulin use.

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  • GoSkills Ltd

    Successful Press Releases

    GoSkills Ltd

    Whether you are a business owner; work in PR or marketing; or volunteer at a non-profit; this online course can help you write a successful press release; build solid relationships with... Read more

  • Virtual College

    Minimising the risk of harm from medicines overdose

    Virtual College

    The aim of this module is to raise awareness of the types of medication overdose so professionals can take steps to minimise the risks of this happening; or; if it does; so patients can... Read more

  • Virtual College

    Safe use of Insulin: Administration

    Virtual College

    This module is intended to improve your competence in the safe use and administration of insulin; having successfully completed the ‘Introduction to insulin safety’.

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  • AI Global Media Ltd

    Pfalzklinikum eBook

    AI Global Media Ltd

    This online learning will broaden knowledge around different sectors and specialist areas within the health industry.

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  • FSM Online Training

    Level 1 Food Safety Awareness in Catering

    FSM Online Training

    In this course participants will learn how to take personal responsibility for food safety; how to control contamination using best storage practices and how to prevent... Read more

  • Berkeley PR International Ltd

    Berkeley Storytelling Academy - Foundation course

    Berkeley PR International Ltd

    Candidates will learn what storytelling is (the theory); the art of storytelling (best practice) and how to begin to apply it to their brand or in their day to day role. They’ll... Read more

  • High Speed Training

    Level 3 HACCP

    High Speed Training

    ?An online course designed to help managers and supervisors in food businesses understand how to design; implement and enforce an effective food safety management system based on the 7... Read more

More information about Business

The business sector is a vast field covering an array of both general and specialist areas of expertise and skills. New technologies and the growth of the digital environment, changes in working practice, the perspective of consumer demand and customer service, as well as the ongoing advancement of globalisation, creates new dynamic challenges for the entire business community and the managers & business professionals working within the sector.

As the business sector naturally evolves, as will the need for high skilled business managers & leaders with the skillsets to steer their industry’s forward. However, with this also comes the increase in competition for job roles and functions, and the need for upskilling, practical experienced-based training & education.

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