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Business Sector Courses

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Business Sub-Sectors

Business CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Virtual College

    Departmental Manager - Problem Solving

    Virtual College

    This course covers the techniques used by people working in organisations to solve problems and make decisions. Read more
  • Virtual College

    Team Leader – Sourcing and Evaluating Information

    Virtual College

    Businesses use information to help them make decisions with the aim of improving performance and gaining competitive advantage. Quality information supports effective decision-making;... Read more

  • Virtual College

    Cyber Security Awareness Suite

    Virtual College

    This course helps participants to learn the basics of staying safe online; both in the workplace and working remotely. It comprises of the following modules: An Introduction to Cyber... Read more

  • Gaia Education

    Design for Sustainability: Economic

    Gaia Education

    We live in a rapidly changing world that is transforming before our very eyes. A multitude of deep and pressing concerns such as global inequality; climate change; biodiversity loss;... Read more

  • TTM Istanbul

    EU GDPR Data Protection Officer Training Course

    TTM Istanbul

    A detailed course about ensuring GDPR compliance in an organization; providing the participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead a GDPR compliance implementation... Read more

  • TTM Istanbul

    Data Protection Law Awareness Training

    TTM Istanbul

    A one-day course designed to raise awareness about the Turkish national Personal Data Protection Law (KVK).

    Read more
  • Roebuck Consulting

    Data Protection & Security Awareness

    Roebuck Consulting

    The course is designed to provide candidates with an awareness of the data protection regulations including GDPR. It also covers an awareness of Protecting Information Assets; Cyber... Read more

  • Edenfield Training

    Digital Skills

    Edenfield Training

    In today’s society; technology is increasingly becoming part of our everyday lives; and in the future it will be vital for individuals to possess a range of digital skills. This this... Read more

  • Adfam

    Children; parenting; families; drugs and alcohol


    This one day course will be of benefit to any practitioner who wishes to gain both a basic insight into the issues surrounding parental substance misuse and safeguarding; together with... Read more

  • BSN Medical

    Pharmacy academy module 1 - First Aid for Wounds

    BSN Medical

    Within this E learning module you will learn and develop an understanding of how the body heals following an injury to the skin; exploring some of the internal and external factors that... Read more

  • Salford Professional Development

    Healthcare Cybersecurity Conference: Protecting the NHS against cyberattacks

    Salford Professional Development

    Join us for the Healthcare Cybersecurity Conference where expert speakers from across the NHS and technology sectors will explain how to protect vital services and sensitive data. Read more

  • Vector Equilibrium

    Think Clear – Resilience Advantage

    Vector Equilibrium

    In this interactive training you will learn simple and effective techniques to ‘bio-hack’ your stress reactions allowing you to think clearly under pressure; take charge of life’s... Read more

More information about Business

The business sector is a vast field covering an array of both general and specialist areas of expertise and skills. New technologies and the growth of the digital environment, changes in working practice, the perspective of consumer demand and customer service, as well as the ongoing advancement of globalisation, creates new dynamic challenges for the entire business community and the managers & business professionals working within the sector.

As the business sector naturally evolves, as will the need for high skilled business managers & leaders with the skillsets to steer their industry’s forward. However, with this also comes the increase in competition for job roles and functions, and the need for upskilling, practical experienced-based training & education.

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