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Military Intelligence Courses

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Military Intelligence CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • PosteRoute

    Metal Detecting Portals/Bag Searches/Hand Held Detectors/Body Search Training- Advanced level


    There are lawful and effective procedures in place for the searching of prisoners; visitors and staff to ensure that: escapes are prevented; threats to the security; order and control... Read more

  • Sancus Solutions

    Investigating Adverse Incidents In Healthcare

    Sancus Solutions

    When things go wrong in a healthcare setting it is important to find out why. This course will demonstrate how an investigation should be structured and carried out. Delegates will... Read more

  • Jane's Group UK Limited

    Jane’s OSINT Masterclass

    Jane's Group UK Limited

    Jane’s OSINT Masterclass – In an era of increasing misinformation; analysts need to ensure they keep up with the changing information environment without leaving themselves... Read more

  • Oris Media

    Wicklander-Zulawski (WZ) Europe Non-Confrontational Interview Techniques Courses

    Oris Media

    WZ is a unique method of interviewing a suspect or suspects once they have been identified after an investigation. The method works in any case where an employer has to have a... Read more

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