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Law Enforcement Courses

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Law Enforcement CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Peel Solutions

    Criminal Procedures and Investigations Act (CPIA) operational guidance – Level 2

    Peel Solutions

    To provide a comprehensive overview of the legislation and obligations relating to unused material and disclosure for those involved in the investigation of serious or complex offences... Read more

  • Financial Crime Services

    Anti-Money Laundering for the Legal Sector

    Financial Crime Services

    Providing a 3 hour training session for persons employed in the UK regulated sector who require an understanding and working knowledge of the primary and secondary legislation... Read more

  • Peel Solutions

    Safeguarding Children (Introduction)

    Peel Solutions

    To provide delegates with a basic awareness of safeguarding children; including an awareness of the categories of abuse; the ability to identify the signs of abuse and to know what to... Read more

  • Victim Support Scotland

    Understanding Hate Crime

    Victim Support Scotland

    This 2 day training course aims to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the impact of hate crime. Participants attending this course will gain increased knowledge;... Read more

  • Chorus Intelligence

    Microsoft excel to enhance analytical support

    Chorus Intelligence

    The aim of this course is to identify the potential uses of Microsoft Excel within an operational environment and leave the attendees with the skills to exploit its capabilities.

    Read more
  • Chorus Intelligence

    Open Source Research and Investigation Training

    Chorus Intelligence

    The aim of this course is to provide a comprehensive guide to conducting level 3-4 open source research and investigations enabling effective capture of evidence and intelligence... Read more

  • Financial Crime Services

    Anti-Money Laundering training for Real Estate

    Financial Crime Services

    Providing an “in-House” training session to persons in the real estate sector in relation to Anti-Money Laundering. The training will cover the significant aspects of both the... Read more

  • Forensic Access

    There are two sides to every story?

    Forensic Access

    This is a forensic awareness seminar for Solicitors and Barristers. During the Seminar; our experts will provide the delegates with the detail of the services that we offer and how we... Read more

  • Unseen

    Trafficked Children


    Unseen’s training is aimed at professionals whose work may bring them into contact with potentially trafficked Children or those who have the potential to be trafficked; enslaved... Read more

  • Forensic Access

    The Real Silent Witness: Every Animal Leaves Trace

    Forensic Access

    In this unique joint presentation delivered by a forensic scientist and a veterinary surgeon; how animal evidence can be applied to human investigations; will be discussed. As over 44%... Read more

  • Chorus Intelligence

    Anonymity; The Deep Web and Cybercrime Workshop

    Chorus Intelligence

    The aim of this course is to provide Investigators and Analysts with an insight into how degrees of anonymity can be achieved by individuals; how the deep web is structured; how it... Read more

  • Comply Direct

    Data Gathering Webinar

    Comply Direct

    This webinar will provide Comply Direct packaging members with the information required to collect and calculate packaging data. Specifically; we will cover the types of data required... Read more

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