CPD LinkedIn Survey Poll Results - What is your preferred training format?

CPD LinkedIn Survey Poll Results - What is your preferred training format?

11 Aug 2022

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In February 2022, we conducted an online survey to gauge the general consensus on professionals’ preferred training format. The question asked was "As a professional, there are many ways to gain knowledge or learn a new skill. Given the choice, what is your preferred training format?" This CPD article aims to offer an analysis of the results that we gathered and how that might affect future training trends.

What is eLearning? 

eLearning is a form of learning that’s conducted via electronic media. It is typically used to enhance the quality of learning and teaching while meeting the learning style or needs of students.

What is a Presentation/Seminar?

A presentation/seminar refers to a small, discussion-based course. Usually the students would complete a reading or assignment before the seminar and then discuss the major themes or topics during the seminar. (Learn more)

What is a Training Course/Workshop? 

A training course/workshop is a typically a form of interactive training where the participants would carry out training activities instead of passively listening to a lecture or presentation. (Learn more)

What is a Conference/Large Event? 

A conference/large event is a formal meeting of individuals who share a common interest that would typically take place over one or several days.

There are several different formats of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training not outlined here. To find out more about the learning methods and types of CPD, please visit our CPD Explained page.

Training conference and event

Analysis of our LinkedIn Survey Poll results

The CPD LinkedIn survey poll results demonstrated heavy favouring towards two of the four options we presented. 

48% of the voters chose eLearning as their preferred method of training. This could be due to online training offering a lot more flexibility for the learner that normally isn’t available with traditional learning methods. Even if the course is somewhat structured, the employee can usually finish the work within their own time frame allowing them to be more in control of their development throughout the year. Online Training also allows for a wider range of courses to be taken as you aren’t restricted by when the training is being held and whether you are able to attend on the specific date.

43% of voters were in favour of undertaking an in person training course. This is reflective of how most professionals have typically completed their CPD for the year. In person learning typically offers a lot of hands on training, so many professionals favour this method as it helps them to retain the skills and knowledge learnt to a better standard than other methods of training. In person training also allows for a team of professionals to attend and learn at the same pace so they all can pick up the required skills together and have the same skillset as each other. 

5% of voters chose to complete training in a presentation/seminar format. This is could be due to the lack of flexibility over when the training can be completed. During a seminar the class would need to be in attendance on a specific date and time, which could deter many professionals from taking part as they might not be available to attend on the day that it is run.

Only 4% of voters chose to complete their training obligations at a conference or large event. This could be reflective of the shift in mentality since the COVID-19 pandemic as a lot more training has been made available to be completed online since large events weren’t permitted. It could also be due to the large cost that the host of an event like this will incur, and as there are many alternative training methods available it has deterred many from wanting to host training there.

Whilst it’s always encouraged to have a well-rounded CPD record, the two most voted for training formats seem to be most popular likely because they are easier to log and record over other methods of training (proof of attendance or certificate/diploma). For this reason, professionals are also more likely to be recognised and supported by their industry governing body, who encourage and make CPD mandatory within their field.

It is worth keeping in mind when analysing these results is that there is not an option for a blended method of training. This was mentioned by some of the voters who would opt to complete training both online and in person throughout the year. This could explain why the results of training courses and eLearning courses were very similar.

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