LinkedIn Survey Poll Results - What is the most important benefit of CPD to your career?

LinkedIn Survey Poll Results - What is the most important benefit of CPD to your career?

11 Apr 2023

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In April 2022, we conducted a LinkedIn online survey to gauge understanding of the personal and professional benefits of CPD, asking the question: What would you say is the most important benefit of CPD to your career? In this article, we will explore what CPD is, as well as revisit the results of our poll and explore the possible contributing factors.

What is CPD?

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development. It refers to the process of continuously updating and improving the knowledge, skills, and abilities of professionals to maintain or enhance their performance in their respective field. This may include attendance of structured CPD activities such as seminars, workshops, training courses or events, as well as more informal and passive forms of learning.

CPD takes a holistic approach towards personal development, enabling learning to become active and proactive, instead of passive and reactive. Most professional bodies and a growing number of employers will provide individuals with CPD requirements, usually as a set number of training hours or points to achieve each year.

Please visit the CPD Explained page to find out more.

What are the benefits of CPD for professionals?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) can provide numerous and increasing benefits, as it enables individuals to further their own growth and acquire new skills on a personal and professional level. Some of the benefits of CPD can include:

- Keeping up with the latest developments and trends: CPD allows professionals to stay current with new developments and technologies as well as changes to laws, regulations, and best practices.

- Improving job performance: By updating workplace skills and capabilities, professionals can perform their duties and role more effectively and efficiently.

- Career advancement: CPD can help professionals to progress in their careers by developing new skills, knowledge, and expertise.

- Increased credibility: By demonstrating a commitment to ongoing learning, professionals can gain the respect and trust of their colleagues, clients, and employers.

- Excellent self-motivation tool: CPD acts as a reminder of personal achievements and progression over time. To that extent, a professional is able to find much greater appreciation for the positive impact they can make at work.

- Excellent self-motivation tool: CPD acts as a reminder of personal achievements and progression over time. To that extent, a professional is able to find much greater appreciation for the positive impact they can make at work.

- Increased innovation: Professionals who keep up to date with latest developments within their field are more likely to innovate within their company by improving their ability to adapt to changes in the workplace.

- Meeting the standards of professional obligations: Most professional bodies require their members to undertake a certain number of CPD hours in order to maintain their registration or licence.

What are the personal benefits of Continuing Professional Development (CPD)?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) can also offer increasing significant value and personal benefits to those outlined above, including:

- Personal growth and development: CPD allows individuals to learn new things, acquire new skills, and expand their knowledge, which can lead to personal growth and fulfilment.

- Improved confidence: As individuals acquire new skills and knowledge, they may feel more confident in themselves and their ability to succeed in their field.

- Greater job satisfaction: By staying current with the latest developments in their role, as a result they can often find their work more interesting and rewarding.

- Opportunities for networking: As humans are social beings; one of the most fundamental things required for a fulfilling life is the development of healthy and meaningful connections. CPD activities, such as attending conferences and workshops, can provide individuals with opportunities to network and connect with like-minded professionals in their field.

- Keeping mental abilities active: CPD keeps the brain active and allows us to continually learn which can help to reduce the overall risk of cognitive decline as we age.

- A sense of accomplishment: By continuously learning and improving, individuals may feel a sense of accomplishment which can boost their self-esteem and motivation.

- Increased employability: Individuals who invest in their own development through CPD may be more attractive to employers and have greater opportunities for employment or career advancement.

Analysis of our LinkedIn Survey Poll results

In our simple analysis of the LinkedIn Survey results, it was found of those who participated in the poll held in April 2022 on the CPD LinkedIn company page; two of the benefits gained the majority of votes from followers.

42% voted the most essential benefit was the enhancement of workplace skills. This makes logical sense, as many professionals will utilize CPD as an effective process when looking to upskill themselves, are seeking promotion, or even changing and reskilling to a new role entirely. (Find out the link between CPD and upskilling.)

A similar assumption can be made for the second most favourable result, which found that 35% believe CPD enhances their career progression. As mentioned earlier, a large number of professionals will engage with CPD in order to seek promotion or career advancement through acquisition of new skills and abilities.

18% thought the most important reason of regular CPD was to keep qualifications up to date. This is likely representative of the companies and regulated industries that require frequent development and knowledge of current best practices. There is great value in seeking to always be ‘ahead of the curve’. Staying educated on latest methods and good practice through appropriate CPD activities is an effective way to achieve this.

Finally, only 5% directly linked the main benefit of CPD with maintaining a competitive edge in the job market. While this result may seem low, it is still worth noting the importance for professionals to continue to differentiate themselves and stand out when applying for new positions. There is also a growing benefit of CPD as a way to improve job prospects. (Read our related article: Is CPD good for my CV.)

Overall, the results of the poll carried out indicate that most of the focus when it comes to public perception around the benefits of CPD is the advantages it can offer to those looking to maintain or enhance their proficiencies and develop their own professional career.

We hope this article was helpful and informative. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of CPD, please read our previous articles:

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