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Business Coaching CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW)

    IAT (It's a Thing Ltd)

    This one-day course will help you meet your regulatory requirements if your risk assessment indicates that first aid training covering emergency protocols only; is sufficient for your... Read more

  • Manual Handling

    IAT (It's a Thing Ltd)

    This ? day course will help you meet your regulatory requirements at work. Manual Handling of Inanimate Objects ensures that delegates hold an understanding of safe techniques to use... Read more

  • Paediatric First Aid

    IAT (It's a Thing Ltd)

    This two-day Paediatric course focuses on emergency scenarios facing those looking after young children and infants; including nurseries; pre-schools; before and after school clubs for... Read more

  • ASL Global

    Maintenance Engineering and Asset Reliability

    ASL Global

    Asset owners today are faced with the constant challenge to reduce cost while continuously improving plant availability and reliability in order to maximise value. But unexpected... Read more

  • Day and Night

    Mental Capacity Act and DOLS workshop

    Day and Night

    A doctor-led interactive workshop tailored to audience needs to ensure an understanding and safe application of the Mental Capacity Act and DOLS (Liberty Protection Safeguards). The day... Read more

  • Relias Learning Ltd

    Safeguarding Children - Level 1

    Relias Learning Ltd

    The purpose of this course is to make all staff who work in the healthcare services aware of the risks and forms of abuse that many children in the UK face. It is aligned with the level... Read more

  • Relias Learning Ltd

    Safeguarding Adults - Level 2

    Relias Learning Ltd

    Adult safeguarding means protecting an individual’s right to live in safety; free from abuse; harm and neglect. It can include both preventative and reactive measures and should... Read more

  • Relias Learning Ltd

    Safeguarding Children - Level 3

    Relias Learning Ltd

    This course aims to enhance your practice by providing an update on current legislation and lessons from Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews and other procedures; including multi-agency... Read more

  • Relias Learning Ltd

    Care Certificate for Social Care: S07 Privacy and Dignity

    Relias Learning Ltd

    Each person brings their own experiences; beliefs and values to your setting and in order to provide person-centred care; you may have to set aside your personal opinions or beliefs. Read more

  • Engage in Learning

    Positive Mental Health Awareness

    Engage in Learning

    How many of your friends; colleagues and family do you think might be experiencing mental health problems at any one time? Without help and support; people with mental health problems... Read more

  • Jolt

    Becoming a Skilled Interviewer


    In this workshop you’ll learn two interview preparation techniques that will boost your confidence as an interviewer as well as smoothen the experience of the interviewee. Read more

  • Progressive Property Ventures

    Deal Packaging

    Progressive Property Ventures

    This course reveals how to make cash in your spare time and replace your income by monetising almost every deal – especially those you don’t want to keep for yourself.

    Read more

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