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Heating & Plumbing Courses

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Heating & Plumbing CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • SafeMove - Yorkshire Water

    SafeMove & Future Climate CPD Training

    SafeMove - Yorkshire Water

    The presentation looks at the wide range of topics including repair and maintenance issues as well as overloading of internal public sewers. It also touches on the appropriate... Read more

  • Gravitas International

    FlexMSE Vegetated Wall Systems

    Gravitas International

    FlexMSE is a patented building system which allows for flexible; permanent; green solutions for slope stabilisation; erosion control; retention/detention; and waterway installations. Read more


    Polypropylene sewer pipes and chambers


    The CPD seminar gives an overview of the use of polypropylene in sewer pipe system and goes through the differences to traditional materials such as clay and concrete for pipes and... Read more

  • Gravitas International

    Endotherm - Energy Saving Water Treatment Additive

    Gravitas International

    Endotherm is an energy saving water treatment additive designed for any wet CH system. Endotherm increases the efficiency of CH systems; reducing energy bills by up to 15%. It is... Read more

  • Boulder Developments

    SuperFOIL Multifoil Insulation

    Boulder Developments

    This course is designed to fully inform specifiers on the SuperFOIL product range and the key benefits in choosing this effective multi-foil insulation. This course explores how heat... Read more

  • Quidos

    Heating Masterclass


    This course is aimed at giving an overarching view of all areas of heating systems. Each module guides and informs users on design; fuel and heating options and the industry as a... Read more

  • Quidos

    Online Floor Plan Training


    This course provides a thorough introduction of how to sketch accurate domestic floor plans for estate and marketing agents. The module gives an overview of the techniques required for... Read more

  • Ideal

    Commercial Boiler Heat Exchangers. A Review of Heat Exchanger Materials.


    This seminar looks at the history of boiler heat exchanger materials; why choosing the correct heat exchanger material is important; the performance and characteristics of Aluminium and... Read more

  • Quidos

    Asbestos Awareness


    Aimed at workers who may at some point come in contact with asbestos. This module is the perfect training for an in-depth understanding of asbestos. This online course can also be taken... Read more

  • Intergas Heating

    Some high efficiency gas boilers are complicated; they don't need to be

    Intergas Heating

    This seminar covers the benefits of the two in one back to back gas heat exchanger boiler. 12 components and only 4 moving parts. Commercial remote gas boiler management; Life time... Read more

  • AGM Plc

    A Guide to Water Booster Sets

    AGM Plc

    This CPD seminar covers the main criteria to be aware of and some of the challenges associated with selecting and specifying a water booster set for today’s modern built... Read more

  • Dinak UK

    Principles; Regulations and Evolution of Chimneys

    Dinak UK

    Presentation and training session introducing the principles of how chimney and flue systems work. The different types of systems; their applications and the regulations governing... Read more

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