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Heating & Plumbing Courses

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Heating & Plumbing CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Dinak UK

    Principles; Regulations and Evolution of Chimneys

    Dinak UK

    Presentation and training session introducing the principles of how chimney and flue systems work. The different types of systems; their applications and the regulations governing... Read more

  • Energystore

    Introduction to Energystore


    This seminar provides an understanding of the different types of insulation; why it is important; what the problems are and opportunities to fix them.

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  • Heatrae Sadia

    Installed Drinking Water Products

    Heatrae Sadia

    This course will cover considerations and applications for specifying installed drinking water products; as well as insightful statistics comparing different drinking water units;... Read more

  • Switch2 Energy

    Anatomy of a Heat Network

    Switch2 Energy

    Heat networks are the vehicle of choice for delivering low carbon heat and hot water to our cities. This CPD will walk delegates through the basics of heat networks and the role that... Read more

  • Switch2 Energy

    Domestic heat metering for heat networks

    Switch2 Energy

    This course sets out to give delegates an understanding of heat metering for heat networks. Delegates will learn about the drivers and benefits for heat metering; including a review of... Read more

  • Ideal

    An Introduction to Plantroom Surveys


    This CPD gives an introduction to the various stages involved in surveying a plantroom; with particular focus on surveys for retrofit boiler installations. This includes access; risk... Read more

  • Switch2 Energy

    An introduction to the heat network (metering and billing) regulations

    Switch2 Energy

    The heat network (metering and billing) regulations 2014 has recently updated and is already in force in the UK. Covering every communal heating system across the Country; It forms a... Read more

  • Quidos

    Understanding a Domestic EPC


    This module has been produced to help with the understanding and explanation of domestic Energy Performance Certificates to those currently residing within a dwelling or those looking... Read more

  • Heatrae Sadia

    Unvented Hot Water Systems

    Heatrae Sadia

    The CPD will cover the global journey of unvented hot water systems as well as the move from vented to unvented systems. The CPD will include legal requirements and legislation as well... Read more

  • Buteline Plumbing System

    PB-1 & Clamping Technology - The Progression Of Plastic Plumbing For Use In The Construction Industry

    Buteline Plumbing System

    This seminar provides a technical overview on the key advantages and properties of using Polybutene plastic pipe and fittings together with Clamp / Crimp Fittings and the benefits this... Read more

  • Trinergy Intergrated Energy Solutions Ltd

    Communal Heating for Apartment Blocks

    Trinergy Intergrated Energy Solutions Ltd

    This seminar covers Heat Networks explained in easy terms; the relevance to Property Managers and step by step guidance from handover to everyday operations.

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  • Switch2 Energy

    Energy centre and heat networks: Metering for performance

    Switch2 Energy

    The development of heat networks in the UK is recognised as an important component in the UK’s future energy strategy. During this session you will gain an understanding of how... Read more

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