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Public Sector Courses

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Public Sub-Sectors

Public CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Fulbridge Social Care

    Eating Disorders

    Fulbridge Social Care

    Recognition of what an eating disorder and the different types beyond the three main well known disorders. Looking at causes and what to look for if you live or work in an environment... Read more

  • Fulbridge Social Care

    Equality and Diversity

    Fulbridge Social Care

    Ideal for staff in any sector, this course provides delegates with an understanding of how the values, opinions and prejudices of an individual can influence those around them, and how... Read more

  • Fulbridge Social Care

    Lone Working

    Fulbridge Social Care

    Recognition of what lone working entails and the responsibilities all others have. Description of best practices to adopt when lone working and how to deal with potentially dangerous... Read more

  • Fulbridge Social Care

    Mental Health

    Fulbridge Social Care

    This course is designed for staff working in the care sector and provides an awareness of mental health disorders and the social stigmas which come hand in hand with them. Training will... Read more

  • Fulbridge Social Care

    Person Centered Care Level 2

    Fulbridge Social Care

    This course, is designed for anyone who is involved in the development, implementation or review of care plans using a person centred care planning approach. It explores various... Read more

  • Fulbridge Social Care

    Radicalisation Awareness

    Fulbridge Social Care

    Recognition of what radicalisation is and the government strategies to tackle the issue.

    Read more
  • Fulbridge Social Care

    Safeguarding Children

    Fulbridge Social Care

    Description of legislation covering the safeguarding of children. Responsibilities and reporting procedures where safeguarding becomes an issue. The different types of abuse children... Read more

  • Fulbridge Social Care

    Sexualised Behaviour

    Fulbridge Social Care

    Recognition of what Sexualised Behaviour is and its implications on the child and other victims. Description of why sexualised behaviour must be recognised and addressed and where the... Read more

  • CETAHealth

    Basic Life Support with AED


    On completion of CPR training; the participant should be able to demonstrate resuscitation of an adult/Child in cardiac arrest. This should be assessed during or at the end of the... Read more

  • FCS Compliance Ltd

    Anti-Money Laundering for the Legal Profession

    FCS Compliance Ltd

    Providing a 3 hour practically based training session for persons employed in the UK legal sector who require an understanding and working knowledge of the primary and secondary... Read more

  • PrescQIPP CIC

    Practice medicines co-ordinators

    PrescQIPP CIC

    This course is aimed at non-clinical staff in GP practices – Practice Medicines Co-ordinators – who manage the repeat prescribing process. It will help them: to improve... Read more

  • British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation (BACPR)

    Physical Activity and Exercise in Heart Failure: Assessment; prescription and Delivery

    British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation (BACPR)

    This one-day study day is aimed at all professionals involved in the delivery of exercise to cardiac patients who wish to expand their knowledge to include the heart failure patient. Read more

More information about Public

The UK public sector is a major component of the total UK economy. According to Open University research, public expenditure in 2008/09 amounted to £618bn and constituted 48% of GDP. The public sector employs just under 6 million personnel (approx. 19% of total UK workforce) and is responsible for the delivery of a wide range of public services including: pensions and benefits (28%), health (18%), emergency services, law enforcement, and education (13%).

According to the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), the UK voluntary sector contributes £11.7 billion to the UK economy, and employs approximately 765,000 (2.7%) of the total 27.9million UK workforce.

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