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Clinical Training CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Interactive Healthcare Training

    Blood Component Transfusion

    Interactive Healthcare Training

    This course is for healthcare professionals that assess or manage transfusions and alternatives as part of their daily duties. It is useful for staff new to blood transfusion nursing... Read more

  • HC Skills International Ltd

    Audiological Aspects of Baha

    HC Skills International Ltd

    Advanced course on the audiological aspects of Baha; Baha technology; wireless accessories and app portfolio; fitting software and workshops.

    Read more
  • First Emergence Ltd


    First Emergence Ltd

    A comprehensive 3 module course covering all aspects of Safeguarding for healthcare professionals in accordance with NHS; CQC and regulatory requirements. Level 1 is for all staff. Read more

  • HC Skills International Ltd

    Resilience: getting smarter with adversity

    HC Skills International Ltd

    This programme develops the knowledge and skills relevant to doctors handling everyday adversities. This establishes the professional competencies necessary to identify ineffective... Read more

  • IRDG (Industry Research + Development Group)

    Mastering Lean Product Development

    IRDG (Industry Research + Development Group)

    This workshop provides a practical step-by-step methodology for integrating the powerful waste-eliminating tools of lean product development into any product development process.

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  • Harmless Cic

    Suicide awareness and prevention - Level 1

    Harmless Cic

    This course is suitable for those with no prior training. For example; the general public or individuals who have an interest in developing their understanding without having specific... Read more

  • Harmless Cic

    Suicide awareness and prevention - Level 2

    Harmless Cic

    This course is suitable for those who have some understanding of suicide. For example; frontline community staff whose role is involved in supporting people. The training provides an... Read more

  • Harmless Cic

    Suicide awareness and prevention - Level 3

    Harmless Cic

    The course provides an in depth overview of suicide and how to effectively support someone in distress. Suitable for frontline mental health workers whose role is in the provision of... Read more

  • Harmless Cic

    Out of Harm's Way

    Harmless Cic

    This DVD can be used by people that self-harm to promote recovery and self-belief. It can also be used by professionals or carers to enhance understanding; empathy and strategies that... Read more

  • Diabetes Training & Management Services Ltd

    Practical Diabetes Awareness Course for Healthcare support workers in GP practices

    Diabetes Training & Management Services Ltd

    The course is aimed at healthcare support workers working in General Practice who want to develop themselves and the wider team in the care and management of the patients with... Read more

  • CBES Ltd

    Cyber Security

    CBES Ltd

    A single click can bring down a company… viruses spyware adware ransomware – the threats are legion. Join us as we explore the world of cyber security and provide you with... Read more

  • CBES Ltd

    Vehicle Safety Awareness

    CBES Ltd

    This program is designed to educate company drivers on the key responsibilities and risks surrounding driving for business purposes thereby helping organisations minimise incidents and... Read more

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