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Healthcare Services Courses

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Healthcare Services CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • ECERT Training Limited

    Autism Spectrum Disorder eLearning Level 2

    ECERT Training Limited

    Knowledge and Health & Social care view on Autism Spectrum Disorder. Understand what Autism is; Know the most common types of Autism; Understand that individuals will have differing... Read more

  • LEO Pharma

    The Dermatology Challenge in Primary Care

    LEO Pharma

    The virtual training will be reviewing patient cases on inflammatory skin conditions. The two focal topics are Eczema and Psoriasis. Title: Top Tips for Managing Atopic Eczema and... Read more

  • Wellspect HealthCare

    Advancing Continence Care together in partnership with Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Continence Modules for bladder and bowel health

    Wellspect HealthCare

    This continence course has been developed for those healthcare professionals involved in the assessment and treatment of patients with any bladder or bowel health issues. The course... Read more

  • TEC Services Association CIC

    Training the Trainer - TEC

    TEC Services Association CIC

    Designed for in-house trainers in the Technology Enabled Care sector with no previous formal training; this session will give staff the skills and confidence to deliver training to new... Read more

  • Derby Private Health

    Updates in the Advances in Breast Cancer Management

    Derby Private Health

    This seminar provides an update on advances in breast cancer management. Covering the topics of Screening/At-risk women; Diagnostic assessment; Surgery; Prognosis; Radiotherapy and... Read more

  • Haddenham Healthcare

    Compression Therapy: Selection; measuring and fitting

    Haddenham Healthcare

    The CPD module will provide an overview of the use of compression garments and Adjustable Velcro compression wraps used in chronic oedema management; including practical tips for... Read more

  • Haddenham Healthcare

    Lymphoedema Compression Bandaging

    Haddenham Healthcare

    This CPD certified training module is focused on the application of lymphoedema compression bandaging during the treatment phase of chronic oedema and lymphoedema management.

    Read more
  • Haddenham Healthcare

    The Physiology; Assessment and Management of Chronic Oedema

    Haddenham Healthcare

    This CPD accredited online module will introduce you to the Anatomy & Physiology of chronic oedema & lymphoedema to enable you to understand how & why it develops &... Read more

  • Haddenham Healthcare

    The Science of Compression Therapy

    Haddenham Healthcare

    This CPD certified training module will provide an overview of the theoretical underpinning for the use of all types of compression therapy in managing chronic oedema.

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  • Haddenham Healthcare

    The Management of Arm; Breast/Truncal Oedema

    Haddenham Healthcare

    This is a 6 hour training day that focuses on the assessment and management of arm and truncal oedema. It brings together sections from other training days such as the use of the TDC in... Read more

  • 4T Medical Ltd

    Dual Injector Pro+ Training

    4T Medical Ltd

    This training covers theory and practical demonstrations together with closely supervised hands on practise using the machine and consumables in order for the delegate to gain the... Read more

  • Schulke & Mayr UK Ltd

    Understanding Gram Negative Bacteria

    Schulke & Mayr UK Ltd

    This course gives an overview of gram-negative infections and considers the key recommended guidance and preventive measures

    Read more

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