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Nutrition CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • The Health Sciences Academy

    Science of Happiness

    The Health Sciences Academy

    Is happiness real; or an illusion? How can we know for sure if we feel happy? Can our happiness be measured? Is it possible to control how happy we feel; or not? Can science provide us... Read more

  • GPPT

    Running a clinic in general practice


    They should attend once a month for 3 hours; to be taught different topics as shown in the ‘summary of content’. We would also teach them the skill examination in different... Read more

  • PHP Aesthetic - Wellness


    PHP Aesthetic - Wellness

    Comprehensive review of human cadaver anatomy for health professionals only. Covers major muscles; skin; bone; internal organs; blood vessels; and major nerves. Uses dissected cadavers... Read more

  • World Obesity Federation

    Working With Individuals to Change Eating Habits

    World Obesity Federation

    This module focuses on how health professionals can best guide their patients to develop a deeper understanding of their eating habits; to make and sustain evidence based dietary... Read more

  • First Steps ED

    Specialist Eating Disorders Training For Professionals

    First Steps ED

    This specialist Eating Disorders Training provides greater understanding of eating disorders (signs; symptoms and vulnerabilities) its implications on children; young people; adults and... Read more

  • My Learning Cloud

    Catheter Care

    My Learning Cloud

    This catheter care eLearning course has been designed for those working in the care sector with service users who require catheters and ensures that learners understand what... Read more

  • My Learning Cloud

    Managing Continence

    My Learning Cloud

    This Managing Continence eLearning course has been designed to help you to understand the subject and to support people you are working with. This course is designed to provide health... Read more

  • World Obesity Federation

    Binge Eating Disorder

    World Obesity Federation

    This module provides an overview of binge eating disorder; including its symptoms; prevalence; and associations with obesity. The presenter also explains how healthcare providers can... Read more

  • World Obesity Federation

    Intellectual Disability and Obesity

    World Obesity Federation

    People with an intellectual disability face a number of challenges that increase their risk of being overweight or having obesity. This module explores the reasons for this and how to... Read more

  • World Obesity Federation

    Male-Specific Complications of Obesity

    World Obesity Federation

    This module discusses the complications of obesity that are specific to men. The focus is on endocrine; reproductive and urological conditions. The implications for these conditions and... Read more

  • World Obesity Federation

    Understanding Patient Perspectives on Obesity

    World Obesity Federation

    This module provides personal viewpoints from both patients and healthcare professionals describing their feelings around fighting obesity and around professional support. It considers... Read more

  • Becton, Dickinson U.K. Limited

    CoreConnect™Quality Improvement/Process Improvement Programme

    Becton, Dickinson U.K. Limited

    Through this CoreConnect Programme; we work in partnership with our customers using the lean Six sigma approach to analyse how closely they follow their own protocol; we conduct... Read more

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