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Nutrition CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • PHP Aesthetic - Wellness

    PDO Threads

    PHP Aesthetic - Wellness

    The thread lift technique has become popular because it is less invasive; requires a shorter operation; less downtime; and results in fewer postoperative complications. The advantage of... Read more

  • PHP Aesthetic - Wellness

    PRP Platelet Rich Plasma

    PHP Aesthetic - Wellness

    Growth factors and their actions. Classification. Preparation of PRP. Factors influencing PRP yield. Activation of PRP. Procedure. Usage in Dermatology.

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  • My Learning Cloud

    Positive Behaviour Support

    My Learning Cloud

    This course is designed for learners to gain an understanding of Positive Behaviour Support tools; techniques and approaches so that they can provide the highest levels of care and... Read more

  • The Health Sciences Academy

    Advanced Fertility Nutritional Advisor™

    The Health Sciences Academy

    This 56-unit certification will help you to understand how to support woman; and their partner; in boosting fertility odds. You’ll uncover the science behind the menstrual cycle and... Read more

  • World Obesity Federation

    Managing the Complicated Patient

    World Obesity Federation

    The aim of this module is to develop an understanding of the role of the multidisciplinary team (MDT) in the management of patients with obesity; In this module; three members of the... Read more

  • Nestle Nutrition

    HMO Tutorials

    Nestle Nutrition

    Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs) are the third largest solid component in human breast milk which are responsible for directly stimulating an infants immune system by promoting good... Read more

  • My Learning Cloud

    Equality; Diversity; and Inclusion

    My Learning Cloud

    This Equality; Diversity; and Inclusion elearning course has been designed to help you collect the evidence you require to demonstrate that you meet the requirements under the... Read more

  • Train4academy

    Managing Disinfection and Hygiene


    This course aims to give those responsible for safe food hygiene practices and systems; a high level of knowledge required for the safe production and handling of food.

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  • Train4academy

    Level 2 – Understanding TACCP and VACCP


    This course aims to give you a good level of knowledge and understanding relating to TACCP (Threat Assessment and Critical Control Point) and VACCP (Vulnerability Assessment and... Read more

  • My Learning Cloud

    Dysphagia Awareness

    My Learning Cloud

    This e-learning course on Dysphagia Awareness has been designed to help the learner gain an understanding of what dysphagia is; the signs and symptoms along with common causes; This... Read more

  • My Learning Cloud

    Stroke Awareness

    My Learning Cloud

    This e-learning course on Stroke Awareness has been designed to help the learner gain an understanding of what a stroke is; explore the types of stroke and enable the learner to... Read more

  • Belmor Solutions Limited

    Level 2 Food Hygiene and Safety for Catering

    Belmor Solutions Limited

    The Level 2 Award in Food Safety Catering is designed to give staff an understanding of good food hygiene practice; This is an ideal introduction into food hygiene for all food... Read more

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